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  1. It depends on the bots programming but anything that players can interact with bots will be able to also interact with. All they need is to get the coordinates of the npc. Sometimes if they know the script coding as well they can send commands remotely as well. Honestly it's really hard to prevent bots from getting into a server. Like if you implement something at the beginning to get them stuck they will just manually get through the process until they don't need to anymore. And now that AI has had so many advances it's a new dynamic of what bots can do. When I was still making servers we used the ability to ban bots by HWID which helped make it so they couldn't use the same PC but the problem too is it can cause drama because if they have regular characters that get banned then their friends leave and it has a reverse effect. Most bots can do all types of captcha as well. Just like websites get slammed by Xrumer.
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