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  1. i use gepard it not easy for change client
  2. i can remember in eathena can use @storage2 for get item after 730+ help me please
  3. disable only command /dice thanks
  4. ./configure --enable_epoll configure: error: unrecognized option: `--enable_epoll' Try `./configure --help' for more information error
  5. Hi In consol show Limit file cant open 1024 How to fix that Centos
  6. hello i use http://md5checksum.com/ for check my client and i press it on login-server.conf but i can't login anyone can help one me ? ( FOR ANTI BOT ) // Client MD5 hash check // If turned on, the login server will check if the client's hash matches // the value below, and will not connect tampered clients. // Note: see doc/md5_hashcheck.txt for more details. client_hash_check: yes // Client MD5 hashes // The client with the specified hash can be used to log in by players with // a group_id equal to or greater than the given value. // If you specify 'disabled' as hash, players with a group_id greater than or // equal to the given value will be able to log in regardless of hash (and even // if their client does not send a hash at all.) // Format: group_id, hash // Note: see doc/md5_hashcheck.txt for more details. //client_hash: 0, 113e195e6c051bb1cfb12a644bb084c5 //client_hash: 10, cb1ea78023d337c38e8ba5124e2338ae client_hash: 99, 18e2e4a99dca6f779f191a0d58baef9d
  7. hi how to make easy way to create instance room for find item or bloody branch. no limit time. spawn monster ex.Poring Drop. Thanks
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