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  1. Hi, I have a insue here that my background only show as black, when I diff my hexed i've put selected the option "Only First Login Background" and unselectd the option "Enforce Official Login Background". I'm using the hexed 2012-04-10 and langtype of 18 in the clientinfo, if i put 1 show the official background. My background is already splited in 12 parts in datatextureÀ¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º as t_배경1-1 ~~ t_배경3-4.
  2. hmmm. I understand now ^^, but doesn't have way to use a single client only?
  3. But this way the player will need to download both clients in a separate way am I correct?
  4. Hi, I was looking by a way to do this but i wasn't able to find anything about it. This is what i'm trying to do. For exemple: I have two servers one is sub-server from another, Server A and Server B. Server A is a server which is a renewal server and Server B is a old-times server. The problem is that the cities of Payon and Morocc were changed and I wanna make just um patch of the game. Is any possible way to make a server recognize a grf during the loading operation? If Server A load aServer.grf else load bServer.grf. Thanks for the attention e sorry about the bad english.
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