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  1. Oh-! I was able to do it by meddling with GRF Editor! What a file!! Hahahahahaha. Thank you for your guidance.
  2. Hello. Where/How can I get clean lub file of the original Ragnarok client(kRO) and then create lua file out of it? Specifically the one handles item info one. The file doesn't have to be translated to english. Please and thank you. p.s. I've made the content short and right to the point to be time efficient. Apologies if I seem arrogant or disrespectful.
  3. While searching for this and that, I've found this wonderful tutorial in Youtube. As long as it works flawlessly and smoothly, I guess TXT base or not doesn't matter. Hahahaha I don't know why I refrained myself from using SQL in the first place. Anyways, cheers!
  4. *Edit: I really needed extra space in my google drive so unfortunately I've decided to delete this. Maybe in the future I'll upload again and share. Hello. Below is the link to zipped file for 12.11.2021 fully patched kRO. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17VKEy37ppwCnj81uooP_LauAiSmwxAc6 p.s. Now, in general, something like this is frowned upon but if you are good at client creation, please check the request post I've made. I have put the link below. Thank you. Edit: While searching for this and that, I've found this wonderful tutorial in Youtube. As long as it works flawlessly and smoothly, I guess TXT base or not doesn't matter. Hahahaha I don't know why I refrained myself from using SQL in the first place. Anyways, cheers!
  5. Hello. I know asking a hand down is frown upon. I also know that this is Hercules forum and not eathena forum. But what I have is this: (https://github.com/MAXBURAOT/eAthena-r15269/releases) I tried getting this client and that client but I've failed to get a properly working client to actually get inside the server. I've been trying to have my own server that I can play alone fro a few years but I always failed at this part. It was always the client that stopped me from playing. Would someone please help me? I lay down my pride and I'm desperately asking for a working full client for this version of eathena. I will be the only one playing the server and the client doesn't even need to be translated if it helps. Oh, one more thing. I have latest fully patched kRO. Please and thank you. p.s. This is all I can offer to this forum. I had to do something to make this happen. 12.11.2021 Fully patched kRO: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17VKEy37ppwCnj81uooP_LauAiSmwxAc6
  6. Oh! Okay, got it. Thank you! 😀
  7. Hello. I've been trying to set a server via this guide: and i'm having a hard time on Step 3e. How do you load main.sql? Below is my current state. I've managed to make hercules as default schema and that's it. I'm stuck 🙁. Can I get some help please? Thank you. https://ibb.co/bNHZGGM
  8. Good days to you. I was wondering how I can get rid of this little quick bar from my client. http://imgur.com/27XhwdW The client I'm using is: the one that can be edited by using HxD. I remember getting rid of Cash Shop button with it. It would be wonderful if anyone taught me how get rid of this little quick bar. Thank you. PS. I've tried to upload my image as link but it kept telling me I can't use this image extension. Until I find out how to properly upload an image on Hercules posts I hope you could understand this extra step. Sorry.
  9. Good days to you. I noticed that people are using website called imgur to upload their images on their post. However, the image I uploaded from my imgur is not working here. It keeps telling me something like "This image extension is not allowed in this forum." I tried .png, .jpeg, .bmp. but all of them ended in same result. Can anyone tell me how to upload an image in Hercules post? Thank you.
  10. OH MY ! Oh my, oh my, oh my! Dast, This NPC is gold! It works flawlessly! The NPC is perfected! Wow! I'm just.. I'm just.. I wanna jump around. Hahahahahaha . Thank you so much! Wow, hahahahaha. Amazing.
  11. Wow, You're a hound. Once you bite you never let go Dastgir. Amazing . Well, I just tested it and once the combination gets complicated it goes into infinite loop. What I had was '30 of 18740', '60 of 18840', '50 of 18940', and '70 of 19040' and map-server gave me an error message saying "infinite loop!" Dast, Can I call you that way? Haha . I am grateful. I am psyched with the first script you built, without "break;". Thank you so much for your passionate help.
  12. Wow . Thank you Dastgir . I've tested this and turns out it has a problem, I'm afraid. It does not delete the scattered items. For example if I have '20 of 18670', '90 of 18680', and '90 of 18690' it gives me two 19305s which is good but it does not take away those 200 items. I can just get 2 19305s over and over. Previous script without "break;" seems to be working in more refined way like you said, which was amazing . Great skills you got there. It appears everything is solved except the ability to take scattered 100s such as '30 of 18880' and '70 of 18890'. Which makes me keep hoping you know? It's just one step away and I just can't stop wishing for this to work. However, I can and should be happy with this. I've been thinking and I could just make this NPC say something like, "For every 100 items you bring, I'll give you one 19305 in return." You can consider this like a kick in her personality. Yes, the npc is a female. Hahaha . You have made this trading NPC to completion. Thank you so much. Sincerely. Solved and Completed script is below:
  13. Thank you ! Thank you! Wow it's gorgoues ! But when I tested this npc I noticed that it only takes the items in 100s. For example when I have '100 of 18960', '50 of 18770, and 50 of 18880' it will take 18960s and give me one 19305. I was hoping this NPC can also take those two 50s and leave me two 19305 in this situation. I've also found out that it only takes one kind at a time. For instance when I have '200 of 18760' and '100 of 18770' instead of changing them to 3 19305s it just gave me two 19305. I had to ask the npc again for the leftovers. I know I'm asking too much here but It would be more than perfect if this can be done. I really hope it could for it's so close. Please. Thank you.
  14. It appears I am insanely confused here. Hahahaha. I've edited the original post to clarify what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to make a npc that is like the old version of card trader. For example if you bring 100 items that is in range of 18660 to 19222 it will give me one 19305 in return. I hope I'm making sense.
  15. They exist. Yes. They are my custom items. I have tested this script by spawning those items in my inventory. What happened is no other than 'item 18660' it won't turn into 'item 19305'.
  16. Good days. I'm trying to make a custom trade npc that is like old card trader, which I have failed to find in both Hercules and rathena. An npc that gives you one 'item 19305' for every 100 items that is in range of item 18660 to 19222. For example if I bring 30 of 'item 18760' and 80 of 'item 18900' it will give me one '19305' and leave 10 of either 18760 or 18900. I hope this makes sense. Here's what I got so far. Thanks to Aeromesi now I know this is deeply wrong. This script only changes 18660 only. If I bring 18661 it goes straight to the label Enog. Please teach me how to make this npc right. I would really appreciate it if you help me. Thank you.
  17. Thank you for this plugin. I've been looking for charm system. However I'm using old version of Hercules so I do not have hercules.h directory in mine. Thus every time I compile my Visual Studio keep tells me something like this: I would update my VIsual Studio but then I won't be able to use my client which I am more afraid of. I really wish I can use this plugin but I guess I'll just have set on alternate solution: using costume gears that doesn't interfere with visual appearance such as shoes and accessories.
  18. Good days. I was wondering if it's possible to stop costume items from covering regular equipments. I just want to use costume items as Talismans. Can anyone help me with this please? By the way i tried editing my old post, which contains same content, hoping it would get bunked to top but it didn't work so I had to write another post even though I asked a different question just a few hours ago. Sorry for being selfish and Thank you.
  19. Good days. I tried using buying store by both using the permit item or actually using the skill but nothing happened in either way. I was possessing the permit item which is required to use the skill so I figured that was not the problem. I also had items to put when the window pops up and asks me what kind of items I want to buy. There was no error message in map-server or either of -server windows. Could someone please tell me how to activate this? I would very very much appreciate it if I can activate this incredible system. Thank you. I'm sorry for my stupidity. I asked this long time ago. I had same problem then and just found out my old post. I knew something very similar was happening. When I wrote this I felt like I was having Dejavu. How do I delete this post? By the way the answer is below.
  20. [FIXED] Turns out list of sounds is literally just a list. After adding .wav files on the list, you have to choose specific sprite of each direction and add specific sound on them. I first tried adding this on the reply section but it seems I can't reply on my own post. Good days. I'm having trouble with adding sounds to a monster without any by using Act Editor v1.0.3. First I opened a monster with sounds that I want, copied the list of .wav files by clicking 'Edit sound list' on edit's menu. Then I pasted the list onto my monster, the one without any sound. Even after saving or trying 'save as' my monster still didn't make any sound. I even tried getting ride of 'atk' because it did not have any .wav to it but that didn't do anything either. If you know how to add sounds to monsters I would very much appreciate it if you teach me how. Thank you. Turns out list of sounds was literally just a list. Once you put .wav files on the list you have to choose specific part of the sprites of each direction and link with a certain sound.
  21. Thank you evilpuncker it works.
  22. Good day. This is what I've added in mob_race2_db.txt in dbpre-re folder. I don't see any problem when I comapre them with original lines. However, when I run map-server it shows these error messages. Is there something else I need to do in source or something in order for this to work? Please teach me if you know. Thank you.
  23. Thank you for amazing program! I really needed a mob editor for Hercules. Thank you so much again!
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