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  1. Nevermind, solved. I had enabled the generate-translations plugin.
  2. Hello everyone. My problem is that the map server always auto close after running it, with no errors. It sends the message "server ready" and boom, then the message "Terminating...". You can see it better at the image attached. No customs or edits, fresh downloaded from github. Thanks for your help. ☺️
  3. Hi. I tried that too, but it's the same problem.
  4. Hello everyone. I'm creating a custom zone like this: { name: "CustomZone" mapflags: ( "pvp off", "nightenabled", ) disabled_skills: { WL_JACKFROST: "PLAYER" }}, prontera mapflag zone CustomZone Mapflags "pvp off" and "nightenabled" works fine, however, every player and GM can cast Jack Frost in Prontera. But, when i put the Jack Frost restriction in the "Normal" zone, it works perfectly (i have PK mode enabled). So, my custom zone is working with the mapflag part, but ignoring the disabled_skills part. Thanks for the help
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