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  1. Still Need Help!! I am not able to list the Quest properly Not able to show Info while they select it not able to understand how to properly use arrays here I Just want someone to take my script and fix that part out. I will add you in credit as I will Release this script once done.
  2. Ohh thanks Again!! Yeah I was about to work on that and you replied . Nice Name-The-Quest-Thingy Idea You gave me. I will create an input for player so they can name their Quest. I am trying to achieve a new way of Quest system... I know it my look similar to old ways but here its Like being Paid By the Player Publishing the Quest While the publisher get reward if the Quest is successfully completed without Dying 5 times or Logging out while battling. (however it comes). Else It Quest Fails and will go into Abandon/ Failed Quest. So it can be taken again.The Trickier Part for me will be to figure out how to track them if they are in battle or not. SO not only players will try to avoid death by also Logging out.
  3. Thanks But I managed to get with my own designed script.. it was updated .. you can see it again. An many thanks to your script it helped a lot. +1 for you. As also you can see It take me long time to manage to get till this part which take 5 to 10 mins for a Good Scripter like you. EDIT: I WILL TEST THIS SCRIPT TOO AND TRY TO OPTIMIZE MY SCRIPT.
  4. My bad. It wasn't Supposed to sound like that. I meant Politely. Not good in english.
  5. Your Scripts is a good sample unless you comment what you are trying to do.. I don't understand it quit well. Comment it.
  6. Nope Gets a strange Error It seem as no brackets are missing but still it points out an error. Whats going on? Lots have been changed since hercules do not post new Sript_Command.txt I wish they do.
  7. Player Paid Quest Generator Script TO DO: OnNPCKillEvent I Am Trying to make this Script that Uses SQL to store Quest Auto Generated. I have scraped that Auto generate idea instead i now made it player to select combining Gather and hunting together. Players Pay Some to Create a Quest in return for Reward if someone Completes his Quest. Also The Quest Taker gets a Reward. So why not use Flux Credit and add another Custom Credit for other purposed and also utilized Cash Points for Cash Shop. My NEW Aim here is to make a Quest NPC System used by players to create and earn credits or kafra Cash points. The Player Publish Quest. Other Player Takes Available Quest. The Publisher get Kafra Cash Points when his Publish Quest Completes. The Player who took the Quest get some Custom Credits which he can use for other purposes. Also I intend to RELEASE THIS SCRIPT AS SOON AS IT COMPLETES. STATUS: ALMOST COMPLETE Thanks to gmOcean till now. [For sample codes] DataBase Table : [sUBJECTED TO CHANGE AS SCRIPT DEVELOPS.] Table name >> "Paid_Quest" // SQL TABLE TO BE USED. /* CREATE TABLE `master_main`.`paid_quests` ( `id` INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, `pub_id` INT(11) NOT NULL, `TrackID` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, `mob_id` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, `item_id` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, `tar_kill` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, `tar_collect` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, `reward` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, `time` BIGINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, PRIMARY KEY (`id`), UNIQUE INDEX `id_UNIQUE` (`id` ASC)); */ Now What I have not done in this Script. Not added OnNPC Events. SQL Queries for storing Information checking if player has already posted quest of that name. Rewarding Player. Which has to be done while calling Status from @pqstatus and OnPCLoginEvent: Yes Yes I know .. Its taking more than a week. (I am very busy got job and do this in spare time + I am not good at scripting so I need help develop it) BELOW SCRIPT IS A COMPLETE QUEST /************************************************************Player Paid Quest Generator Script Created By: Anticlimax18Helped by: gmOceanVersion: 1.0**************************************************************/prontera,147,168,4 script QuestMachine 877,{function mobinfo;mes "[Quest Machine]";mes "Your Reward is ^FF0000Cash Shop Points^000000";mes "^FF0000NOTE: REWARD WILL ONLY BE AWARDED ONCE THE QUEST IS COMPLETE BY SOMEONE.^000000";.@option = select("[Post Quest?]:[My Quest Status]");if (.@option == 1) goto PostQuest;goto QuestStatus;PostQuest: switch(select("New Quest : How it Works?")){ case 1: .@questcheck = query_sql("SELECT `name` From `paid_quests` where `pub_id`='"+getcharid(3)+"'",@name$); if(.@questcheck) { next; mes "[Quest Machine]"; mes "Quest Limit Reached. Max 1 Quest"; mes "Last Quest Published "+ @name$; close; } next; mes "[Follow 6 Steps]"; mes "1. Type Monster Tag ID"; mes "2. Confirm Randomize Ammount"; mes "3. View Monster Kill Details"; mes "4. Select Drop Pick for Quest"; mes "5. Set Amount for Pick"; mes "6. Proceed and Pay"; next; input .@id; //Check Exist if (getmonsterinfo(.@id,0) == "null"){ mes "[Quest Machine]"; mes "No monsters with that ID tag"; mes "Lets Try again and Read Steps please"; next; goto PostQuest;} mes mobinfo(.@id); set .@option,select("Next Monster:Close"); while ( .@option == 1){ mes mobinfo(.@id); } close;//For Safety is something goes wrong above. end; case 2: next; mes "[Quest Machine]"; mes "You can create a Paid quest by follow steps given at the time of creation."; next; mes "[Quest Machine]"; mes "Reward is 'Cash Shop Points' [Charged Credit x 2]."; mes "Eg. You where charged 200 Credit. You are rewarded 400 Cash Shop points."; next; mes "[Quest Machine]"; mes "Once someone completes your quest You will be rewarded"; next; mes "[Quest Machine]"; mes "Remember Credits are charged based upon Monster Level"; close; end; }end;QuestStatus:mes ".... Type @pqstatus to view status.";close;end;OnPCDieEvent:end; function mobinfo { .@id = getarg(0); //Loop While Selected is Randomized Kill Amount .@lvl = getmonsterinfo(.@id,1); //get level if(.@lvl < 20) set .@val,1; if(.@lvl >= 21 && .@lvl <= 30) set .@val,2; if(.@lvl >= 31 && .@lvl <= 50) set .@val,4; if(.@lvl >= 51 && .@lvl <= 60) set .@val,5; if(.@lvl > 60) set .@val,6; mes "[Quest Machine]"; mes "Monster Selected : ^ff0000"+getmonsterinfo(.@id,0)+"^000000"; mes "[Amount to Kill Amount] Min 10 | Max 30"; input .@killamt; if(.@killamt < 10 || .@killamt > 30 || .@killamt == 0 ){ mes "Out of Range. Random Amount in Range Selected."; set .@killamt,rand(10,30); } //Set Credit charged half of lvl times killamt set .@charge,(.@lvl * .@killamt)/2; next; //Display Info mes "Monster: ^0000FF"+getmonsterinfo(.@id,0)+"^000000"; mes "Level: ^00ff00"+.@lvl+"^000000"; mes "Kill Amount:["+.@killamt+"]"; mes "Amount Charged: "+.@charge+" Credits"; mes getmonsterinfo(.@id,0) +"x"+ .@killamt; if(.@lvl < 25) mes "Difficulty: ^00FF00Easy^000000"; if(.@lvl >= 25 && .@lvl <= 50) mes "Difficulty: ^0000FFMiddium^000000"; if(.@lvl >= 51 && .@lvl <= 75) mes "Difficulty: ^FF0000Hard^000000"; if(.@lvl > 75 ) mes "Difficulty: ^FF0000Insane^000000"; next; mes "[Quest Machine]"; mes "Enter Available Item Pick Up [Min 20,Max 50]:"; if (getmobdrops(getarg(0))){ .@count = $@MobDrop_count; copyarray .@item[0],$@MobDrop_item[0],.@count; copyarray .@rate[0],$@MobDrop_rate[0],.@count; for (.@i = 0; .@i < .@count; ++.@i) { //HELP HERE //Show ONLY Items Drop Rate > 50% in Mes if(.@rate[.@i] >= 5500) { mes .@item[.@i] + " (" + getitemname(.@item[.@i]) + ") " + .@rate[.@i]/100 + ((.@rate[.@i]%100 < 10) ? ".0":".") + .@rate[.@i]%100 + "%"; } } input .@item; while( !compare(.@item, getmobdrops(getarg(0)))) mes "Only Input Item Listed"; input .@item; input .@itm,20,50; if(.@itm < 10 || .@itm > 50 || .@itm == 0 ){ mes "Out of Range. Random Amount in Range Selected."; set .@itm,rand(10,50); } .@ChargedCredit = .@itm + .@charge; mes"Net Amount Charged: "+.@ChargedCredit; next; mes "[Quest Machine]"; mes "Final Step. Name You Quest."; mes "Min :5 | Max:15 - Characters."; input .@name$,5,31; next; } mes "[Quest Machine]"; mes "Quest Name:^00FF00"+.@name$+"^000000"; mes "Total Credit Charged: "+ .@ChargedCredit; if (select("Proceed?:CreateAgain") == 2) goto PostQuest; //Query_SQL (Get credit Balance) query_sql("SELECT balance FROM `cp_credits` WHERE `account_id`='"+getcharid(3)+"'",.@CreditAmount); if(!.@CreditAmount) set .@CreditAmount,0; if (.@CreditAmount < .@ChargedCredit ) { mes "Sorry You dont have enough credit"; mes"Credit Balance: "+.@CreditAmount; close;} //query_sql (Update) query_sql("UPDATE `cp_credits` SET `balance` VALUE `balance`='balance-"+.@ChargeCredit+"'"); query_sql("SELECT balance FROM `cp_credits` WHERE `account_id`='"+getcharid(3)+"'",.@NewAmount); mes "Credits Charged. Credit Blance Remaining: "+.@NewAmount; .@reward = .@CreditAmount/2; //Reward is 50% Cash Credit that of Charged Credit. query_sql("INSERT INTO `paid_quests` (`name`,`pub_id`,`TrackID`,`mob_id`,`item_id`,`tar_kill`,`tar_collect`,`reward`,`time`) VALUE('"+.@name$+"','"+getcharid(3)+"','0','"+.@id+"','"+.@item+"','"+.@killamt+"','"+.@itm+"','"+.@reward+"','"+.today+"')"); mes "Quest Added."; mes "You Can Check status with @pqstatus"; mes "Thank you for Your Time."; close; }//End FunctionOnInit:OnClock0000: .today = gettimestr("%Y-%m/%d %H:%M:%S",21);//OnEvents Are Set in other Files for Customize purposes. }//Additional Script for Status Display.- script atcmd -1,{OnInit:bindatcmd "pqstatus",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnPQStatus";OnPQStatus:mes "[Paid Quest Status]";.@progress = query_sql("SELECT `name`,`trackid`,`time` FROM `paid_quests` WHERE pub_id='"+getcharid(3)+"'",.@quest$,.@status,.@date);if (!.@progress) { mes "No Quest Alloted. Only use if you have posted a Quest."; close;}mes "Quest Name: ^00FF00"+.@quest$+"^000000";mes "Status:"+((.@status)?"^0000ffIn Progress^000000":"^ff0000Waiting to be taken^000000");mes "Post Date:"+.@date;close;end;} ANY ONE WHO PARTICIPATE IN HELPING WILL GET ITS NAME IN THE CREDITS.
  8. Please dont go out of topic and I am on the topic Now can someone elp
  9. That just might give him more issues to handle.
  10. Use my lua files just posted the topic in this section. Try them. http://herc.ws/board/topic/7670-lua-files-for-2014-clients/ You sure you patched recommended from NEMO patcher? If not do so. Which patcher you are using? Post your Screenshot of your Ragnarok Files in your game folder too. Also post data.ini content.
  11. Anticlimax18's Lua 2014 Hi guys, If you have problem with 2014 Clients lua files. Then this is the one which do not give Errors. Let me know any issues if you face using them. There are lub files which I am using from latest 2014-10 iRO Client Somehow the old files where too outdated so I decided to use them and they worked like a charm. Lua+System2014.7z
  12. You dint get me. I was saying "IF I were to invest .. " not that i want to..
  13. hahaha +1 lol Can we Move on Please?
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