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  1. Hello anyone knows any working Vote for Points for Hercules? i tried Jaypee's V4P but its now working on my website
  2. Hello anyone know how to prevent the use of Jump Kick and High Jump skills when trapped,webbed? im trying to figure it out for hours but i lack coding skills
  3. Hello im wondering if this can also be use in hercules i've been trying to figure it by myself for hours but i lack coding skills https://rathena.org/board/topic/54067-supportbacksliding-and-bodyrelocation/ preventing players from using moving skills(body reloc) when trapped found the solution, my next question is can the traps prevent the body reloc from over stepping? example PlayerA is in Point = 1, Traps in in Point = 2, PlayerA Use body reloc to Point = 3 is it posible that the PlayerA cannot go to Point 3 instead he is magnet to traps at Point 2
  4. it is blending that you apply in photoshop. Untitled.png i already remove it and applied stroke instead but still the same Don't enable anti alias functions when you fill pink color(#FF00FF) im pretty sure i didnt enable anti-alias function when i fill it with pink - Anyway someone explained to me on how it should properly works i'll try it later thank you
  5. i use magenta Magenta #FF00FF for background transparency then save it as bmp
  6. any knows how to remove this pinkish color http://prntscr.com/7uhx1z can't upload the psd i dont have permision
  7. any know how to set the healing cap?
  8. yes i want the gospel skill does not remove the fcp buff status
  9. Hello where should i look to set the healing cap of Potion Pitch? and Gospel doesnt remove FCP Thank you god bless
  10. Crazy but great idea,
  11. i cant remember changing any weight from default to 0 is there anyway to make the weight cap damage? like sp from asura? case WS_CARTTERMINATION:i = 10 * (16 - skill_lv);if (i < 1) i = 1;//Preserve damage ratio when max cart weight is changed.if(sd && sd->cart_weight)skillratio += sd->cart_weight/i * 80000/battle_config.max_cart_weight - 100;else if (!sd)skillratio += 80000 / i - 100;
  12. yes i copied everything, from stats to item build to item inventory, i only reach half of his damage, i didnt saw his cart list, but my cart is on max weight 8k, im wondering if is there any known weight cart bug
  13. any knows why cart termi damage is over powered? 255/120 ws cart termi is 100k-200k and i dont know how they do it Card Effects are disable, no thana no tg no hydra, tried copying his stats and build but i can't copy his damage and i dont know here the bug is comming anyone experience this? or any info regarding this?
  14. i think you can find it here src/config/classes/general.h * when enabled, reflect damage doesn't bypass devotion (and thus damage is passed to crusader) * uncomment to enable **/#define DEVOTION_REFLECT_DAMAGE
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