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  1. Hey pal, did you manage to solve the "lucky roulette chashing the client" problem? im having a similar issue, but i didnt find how to solve it.

  2. Where did you read me saying you wanted to buy? I may be wrong but the forum also serves to ask for information, ask how to make effects on maps too, or is it prohibited?
  3. you don't reply to private messages, what's the point in that?
  4. Se for usar cliente 2018 isso é desnecessário e não funcional.
  5. Não use caps se você é, não quer dizer que os demais usuários sejam cegos.
  6. Hello, I would like to know if anyone knows what information is needed to be placed in the SNS directory, the client's data sharing system 2018.
  7. Of course I know, you can get it easily, just extract the kRO rdata folder, name the sprites and compile in the zin iteminfo or asheraf.
  8. I use client 2017-06-07 on my server ON and 2018-05-30 on the test server, they are common items, no matter the client version.
  9. these are not pets, they are equipment, costume items.
  10. I put the patch to restore lucky roulette with the nemo, but by clicking on the icon the crash game.
  11. so is it possible to use it yet?
  12. strange, because every time I click the game it crashes, I've tried even with the kro date folder.
  13. a little doubt, the kro changed the packages of lucky roulette? after clicking on it the game receives crash.
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