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Found 3 results

  1. Introduction For our Example we will create the Custom Class "Shinobi" and its Child version i.e. "Baby Shinobi" along with their Cash Mounts/Halter Mounts. Each Job has 3 ID values : 1) Job ID - we will use 4230 & 4231 respectively for the jobs (4232 & 4233 will be reserved for the mounts client side). 2) Map ID - Also called EA Mask. If we are extending a class we OR the existing class with a modifier. Since Shinobi is going to be a seperate branch, we will use 0x11 for Shinobi and 0x11 | 0x2000 for Baby Shinobi (0x2000 is the JOBL_BABY mask). 3) Msg ID - Defined in messages.conf file. We will use 700 and 701. Before we begin, A few points to note: 1) For the client side i will be using my own patch from NEMO not Xray clients - So dont ask me about Xray. 2) This guide is meant to be an overview towards adding jobs - meaning that your job will be enabled once you have done the changes specified here . You can add further details on your own which depends on your Class. 3) If i am missing out on anything please let me know. Nobody is perfect including me 4) We will use Sprite and some data from Ninja class for the time being but you can add your own entries just as easily. Server Source 1) src/common/mmo.h: look for JOB_REBELLION assignment and insert our Job IDs after it. 2) src/map/map.h: look for MAPID_BABY_CHASER and insert our Map IDs after it. 3) src/map/pc.c: i) find case JOB_BABY_CHASER: and insert our cases after it ii) find case MAPID_BABY_CHASER: and insert our cases after it iii) find case JOB_REBELLION: followed by return msg_txt(655); and insert our cases after it. (returns the Msg ID) iv) find { "Rebellion", JOB_REBELLION }, and insert our Job Names after it 4) src/map/itemdb.c: Here we check the job masks that is specified in item_db.conf. There is one limitation, however. Currently there is only 1 more slot left in the job mask since it is 32 bit. In case you need to add more you will need to change the variable to 64 bit. Find jobmask & 1<<30 and insert our class check after it. 5) src/char/inter.c: Find case JOB_REBELLION: and insert our case after it.(returns the Msg ID) Server Config 1) db/const.txt: i) Find Job_Rebellion and insert our Job IDs after it ii) Find EAJ_BABY_CHASER and insert our Map IDs after it 2) db/<pre-re|re>/exp.txt: Insert your IDs in one of the entries (or if you want to specify your own exp per level you can add that). Since our jobs are meant to be amongst First Class, we will simply add it into existing ones. i) Base: ii) Job: 3) db/<pre-re|re>/job_db.conf: Add entry for your Job. We will copy the entry from Ninja with slight changes for now. 4) db/job_db2.txt: Add entry for your Job. Again we will reuse the data from Ninja. 5) conf/help.txt: Insert your class entries to the @go message 6) conf/messages.conf: Add the Msg IDs after Shadow Chaser T 7) db/<pre-re|re>/skill_tree.conf: Add entry for your Job similar to the others. -pic to be added- Client Lua Files Now to make the client support Custom Jobs it should be patched with "Enable Custom Jobs" patch in NEMO. Also you should copy the lua files inside Support folder to different area so we can Add entries of our jobs. (LuaFiles514/Lua Files/Admin folder inside is what we need essentially) 1) PCIDs.lub : i) First we add all our Job IDs (look for JT_2004_JOB_LAST entry). ii) Next we connect the Cash Mount Job IDs to Main Job IDs (Look for JT_REBELLION mapping). iii) Lastly we need to add our Baby Class & its mount to the Baby_List (Look for JT_LION_CRUSADER_B). 2) PCNames.lub: To illustrate that different names can be assigned based on gender, I am calling them as Shinobi M & Shinobi F for Male & Female respectively. i) First we add the Job Name for Male Characters (Look for Rebellion) ii) Next we make the Cash Mounts inherit Names from their respective Main Jobs - since Mounting don't change the name (Look for JT_PECO_REBELLION). iii) Last but not least we add the Job Name for Female characters - Only necessary if it differs from Male name (Look for JT_SORCERER_B). 3) PCPaths.lub: Here we specify the job specific prefix used by the client to get the job sprite. i) First we add the Path prefix for Jobs that is not shared with any existing ones. ii) Next we make the Jobs that has shared path inherit from existing (for e.g. Baby Jobs inherit from Adult versions). 4)PCHands.lub: Here we specify the job specific prefix used by the client to get the weapon and shield sprite locations i) Like before, First we add the Hand prefix for Jobs that is not shared with any existing ones. ii) Next we make the Jobs with shared prefix inherit from existing (e.g. Baby Jobs, Mounts, Baby Mounts etc. all can inherit from Adult versions). 5)PCPals.lub: Here we specify the job specific prefix used by the client to get the Palette file location. i) Like before, First we add the Pal prefix for Jobs that is not shared with any existing ones. ii) Next we make the Jobs with shared prefix inherit from existing (e.g. Baby Jobs, Mounts, Baby Mounts etc. all can inherit from Adult versions). Note: You can also optionally add entries in PCImfs.lub file in case you have an Imf file, but I haven't seen any issues even without it. Hence I am not pursuing it. Once the edits are done pack it into your grf or put it in your data folder and use it. With this much your job will be visible and able to do everything provided you have the sprite files in the right location. spriteÀΰ£Á·¸öÅë³²<pathprefix>_³².spr and act for Male Job spriteÀΰ£Á·¸öÅë¿©<pathprefix>_¿©.spr and act for Female Job Snapshot: (to be added)
  2. fack13

    Custom job

    well yeah, i followed everything here but i can't add anymore since my server has summoner. any idea how can i add 3 more custom job? Edit: Fixed
  3. Well a few people know i have been working on these. So here goes. Did I hear right? 1. Yes it is what you are thinking. The Custom Job patch allow you to modify the existing jobs and add new jobs in a fashion similar to HeliumRO's Xray Clients (and some extra stuff u will see below) but using lua files. 2. Similarly Custom Shield Patch allows you to throw the existing 4 shield limit out the door and modify existing as well as add more shield equipment types to your liking using lua files. 3. For now I have tested them out on a set of clients (for others the logic followed were the same so I didn't bother with the rest). Ofcourse if any bug comes up I will work on fixing them. 4. Patches were made with existing patches in mind and therefore will not affect any and existing diffs present in a client you use. Infact you are supposed to use these last only. 5. Custom Job Patch has also an override for Class names based on gender. For it to work Langtype Korean Jobname Fix is expected to be enabled (for xDiff patches it is a part of Translate to English patch) 6. So is there a limit ? yes for now i have limited them as max shields to 10 and max job id to 4300. So how does it work ? 1. Get the xdiff file for your client version (from the link below) 2. Get the lua files (also from the link below) 3. Modify/Add entries to the lua files (Format is specified below) 4. Load your client and xdiff file in xDiffPatcher 5. Let it Rip!... i mean Patch!! 6. And last but not least place the lua files in their proper locations. Lua File Formats - Custom Job Patch Custom Job Patch makes use of 7 lua files (similar to the various txt files Xray client had).They need to be present in the luafiles514/lua files/admin path. 1) PCIdentity.lua: This file is already present in the official GRF but we are going to use a modified version of that one. All Job Sprites have a corresponding Job ID (including costumes and Job Mounts). This file defines all of them and their relationships to each other. This is done with the help of 3 tables => i) pcJobTbl (mandatory): This is where the job id value is defined and mapped to a string for identification JT_KAGEROU = 4211, -- 4211 is the job id for kagerou class ii) Halter_Map : This is where you specify which job id is the job mount of which class. Ofcourse if you dont plan to add a mount sprite for a class you can ignore this one. [pcJobTbl.JT_KAGEROU] = pcJobTbl.JH_KAGEROU, -- maps kagerou job to his frog mounted sprite iii) Shrink_Tbl : This is list of job IDs that need to be ... shrunk i.e. specify all Baby Jobs here. pcJobTbl.JT_SWORDSMAN_B, -- will include Baby Swordsman in the list 2) PCPaths.lua: Lua equivalent of class_tab.txt . Defines the prefix string used for each class to get its sprite & act file path. i.e. prefix in => /data/sprite/Àΰ£Á·/¸öÅë/<gender>/<prefix>_<gender>.spr (& act as well). This is done with the help of two tables (only one of which needs to be filled for a class). i) PCStitchTbl : If your job uses a completely new sprite with a new filename then you can assign it in this table. [pcJobTbl.JT_SWORDMAN] = "°Ë»ç" -- Prefix for Swordsman ii) PCStitchInheritTbl : If your job is sharing an existing sprite path already used by a job specified in PCStitchTBl then you can simply connect them in this table (target job id inherits from source job id). [pcJobTbl.JT_SWORDMAN_H] = pcJobTbl.JT_SWORDMAN, --JT_SWORDMAN_H is High Swordsman which uses --same sprite as Swordsman All of the remaining lua files follow a similar pattern with one table for direct assignment and the other one for inheriting value from another job id 3) PCImfs.lua: Lua equivalent of imf_tab.txt . Defines the prefix string for imf files of each class. i) PCImfTbl : [pcJobTbl.JT_KNIGHT] = "±â»ç", -- Prefix for Knight ii) PCImfInheritTbl : [pcJobTbl.JT_KNIGHT_H] = pcJobTbl.JT_KNIGHT, -- JT_KNIGHT_H is Lord Knight and has the same -- imf as Knight class. 4) PCHands.lua: Lua equivalent of reality_dir_tab.txt. Defines the prefix strings used for Weapons and Shields of each class i) PCHandsTbl : [pcJobTbl.JT_ASSASSIN] = "¾î¼¼½Å¾î¼¼½Å", -- Prefix for Assassin ii) PCHandsInheritTbl : [pcJobTbl.JT_GUILLOTINE_CROSS] = pcJobTbl.JT_ASSASSIN, -- Guillotine Cross picks up --weapons/shields from the same path as Assassin class. 5) PCPals.lua Lua equivalent of reality_tab.txt. Defines the prefix strings for the body palettes. i) PCPalTbl: [pcJobTbl.JT_MAGICIAN] = "¸¶¹ý»ç", -- prefix for Mage ii) PCPalInheritTbl: [pcJobTbl.JT_MAGICIAN_H] = pcJobTbl.JT_MAGICIAN, -- High Mage uses same prefix as Mage class. 6) PCNames.lua Lua equivalent of monstrosity_tab.txt (in part since mobs are defined by jobname.lua) . As the file name says this is where you define all your class names. Reason i saved this for last is because this file is slightly different from the previous 4. Here you can define the class name seperately for both genders. For male classes => i) PCJobNameTbl : [pcJobTbl.JT_WARLOCK] = "Warlock", -- Kind of obvious right? ii) PCJobNameInheritTbl : [pcJobTbl.JT_WARLOCK_H] = pcJobTbl.JT_WARLOCK, -- JT_WARLOCK_H is Transcendent version of -- warlock class and ofcourse it will have same name For female classes => iii) PCJobNameTbl_F : [pcJobTbl.JT_WARLOCK] = "Witch", -- Now the female Warlock will be called Witch iv) PCJobNameInheritTbl_F : [pcJobTbl.JT_WARLOCK_H] = pcJobTbl.JT_WARLOCK, -- Same for Transcendent warlock By default if your gender is female and there is no names defined using either iii) or iv) above then it checks in the tables for male gender. 7) PCFuncs.lua Contains Necessary functions used by the client - DO NOT TOUCH THIS FILE unless you know what you are doing!!! Lua File Formats - Custom Shield Patch Custom Shield Patch makes use of 2 lua files as specified below. They need to be present in luafiles514/lua files/datainfo folder. 1) ShieldTable.lua : This lua file is the only one you need to configure. It contains 3 tables and is similar in format to WeaponTable.lua i) Shield_IDs : Defines a list of IDs which includes both Shield Types & Item IDs used by shield items in item_db.txt. Shield Items can only start from item id 2101 onwards so anything lesser than that will be considered as a shield type id. To distinguish between them we use the ST (Shield Type) and SI (Shield Item) prefixes. ST_MSHIELD = 4, -- Mirror Shield TypeSI_Platinum_Shield = 2122, -- Platinum Shield's Item ID ii) ShieldNameTable : Here we assign suffix strings for Shield Types i.e. shield suffix in => /data/sprite/¹æÆÐ/<hand prefix>_<gender>_<shield suffix>.spr [Shield_IDs.ST_MSHIELD] = "_¹Ì·¯½¯µå", --Suffix for Mirror shield iii) ShieldMapTable : Here we specify which Shield Type is used by each of the Shield Items. [Shield_IDs.SI_Platinum_Shield] = Shield_IDs.ST_MSHIELD, -- Platinum Shield uses -- Mirror Shield sprite. 2) ShieldTable_F.lua : Contains Necessary functions used by the client - DO NOT TOUCH THIS FILE unless you know what you are doing!!! Ok.. So Where do i get the files? Download link Final Note If you have any issues or doubts about the xDiff files or Lua files (I expect some in this department) let me know. So Enjoy
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