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Found 2 results

  1. Bom dia, pessoal! Eu sou novo nesse "lance" de criar servidores de Ragnarok, e estou com algumas duvidas. 1 - Por que existem lua/lub files dentro da pasta data, e também dentro da pasta System? 2 - Qual a diferença da pasta luafiles e luafiles 514? 3 - Mesmo tendo arquivos lua/lub dentro da System e data, também existem dentro da grf. Tem necessidade disso mesmo? 4 - Por que existem diversos arquivos praticamente com o mesmo nome; exemplo_true.lua, exemplo_Sak.lua, exemplo_Sakray.lua, exemplo_Custom e etc? 5- Todos esses arquivos lua/lub poderiam estar todos centralizados apenas dentro de uma unica pasta? Estou fazendo essas perguntas porque eu quero fazer o meu próprio client-side, porém estou com muitas duvidas referente a esses tipos de arquivos espalhados e "poluindo" toda a estrutura. Baixei diversos servidores, e varias grf e as extrai para encontrar um padrão, mas não obtive exito no mesmo. Existe algum tutorial atualizado de como se criar do zero seu client-side? Quero fazer isso para criar uma base mais limpa e sem tantos arquivos desnecessários, e futuramente quando adquirido esse conhecimento fazer um tutorial detalhado para toda a comunidade. Desde já, muito obrigado!
  2. Hi Hercules! Thanks for all of your input. Please allow me to rephrase this: I could utilize Navi System for custom NPCs, including show them on mini map and search result. Unlike most of you, I'm using a localized client (Chinese). So, editing decompiled LUAs is the easy way out. But that would make our players' experiences half-EN-half-CN, which is unprofessional. Yeah, I could translate them, but that's 2672 NPCs we're talking about... So, I had to download LUBs of localized version and tried to start it there. Luadisasm made me believe that LUB>LUA is possible with proper function/batch tool, as long as the LUB structure is as simple as navi_npc_krsak.lub. Correct me if I'm wrong~ Time to share what I've learned during the process: There are 4 LUAs (for NPCs ONLY, leave the function lua alone. 1. navi_npc_krsak.lua 2. navi_npcdistance_krsak.lua 3. navi_link_krsak.lua 4. navi_linkdistance_krsak.lua There are comments in the first file "airplane", --Map 11984, --NPC number 101,--NPC type(known types:101=Normal, 102=sell/buy NPC 86, --SpriteID "Apple Merchant", --NpcName "airplane", --Map details, if there's any 50, --x 66 --y Now we know what to do after editing TownInfo.lub, just make sure NPC number isn't conflicted with current ones. After that, you can find your custom NPC in the Navi search. But it won't work properly unless you modify the second file. Say your NPC is in City Hugel, and you want it found when search "Hugel".You have to edit the second file and make sure your input located between the hugel curly blankets. {10046, { "airplane", 11976, 135 }, { "airplane", 11977, 135 }, { "hu_fild06", 12781, 116 }, { "hu_in01", 12817, 75 }, { "hu_in01", 12819, 109 }, { "hu_in01", 12821, 15 }, { "hu_in01", 12825, 8 }, { "hu_in01", 12827, 103 }, { "hu_in01", 12829, 76 }, { "hu_in01", 12831, 50 }, { "hu_in01", 12833, 104 }, { "hu_in01", 12836, 162 }, { "hu_in01", 12877, 79 }, { "hu_in01", 12883, 79 }, { "hu_in01", 12884, 79 }, { "hu_in01", 12908, 98 }, { "odin_tem01", 12872, 138 }, { "p_track01", 19493, 82 }, { "p_track02", 19511, 82 }, { "que_bingo", 12919, 64 }, { "", 0, 0 } }, You can just put it here with similar structures. { "airplane", --call it link or reference 11976, --link number. 135 --distance with the link (the Pythagorean theorem }, Link data is stored in the 3rd and 4th file. Different towns have difference references, keep in mind. So, to make it perfect, you have to calculate distance with every link.. My suggestion is replacing useless officials instead.. That's all I guess. At the end, if you can help me with LUB>LUA..Leave me a PM, please. Thank you. ======================== Original Post I just realized how powerful the native navigation system is the other day. Ever since, I've been trying to utilize it for custom features, npcs, mobs etc. The easy part is to add/delete icons to the mini map in the upper right cornor. Sorry, I don't play English version, I've no idea what you call it natively. Anyway, by editing TownInfo.lub, I successfully added a custom NPC to the mini-map. And the navigation system also worked fine. I mean the system could calculate the route for you once you click corresponding NPC there. Yet I want more. Without further modification, you can't find the NPC in the search result. This could be a problem when you have multiple npcs crowed on a smaller place. Adding all of them to the mini-map would be a disaster. I know that it was easy because TownInfo.lub isn't encrypted. Editing other lubs is a whole new story. And I've been told, several times that currently there are no tools for translating lub to lua. In my ' limited' experience, luadisasm can disassemble lub files. disassembled file(navi_npc_krpri.lub) format is as follows: 1 [ 2]: NEWTABLE R0 75 0 ; R0 := {} 2 [ 3]: NEWTABLE R1 8 0 ; R1 := {} 3 [ 4]: LOADK R2 K1 ; R2 := "airplane" 4 [ 4]: LOADK R3 K2 ; R3 := 11984 5 [ 4]: LOADK R4 K3 ; R4 := 101 6 [ 4]: LOADK R5 K4 ; R5 := 86 7 [ 4]: LOADK R6 K5 ; R6 := "荤苞惑牢" 8 [ 4]: LOADK R7 K1 ; R7 := "airplane" 9 [ 4]: LOADK R8 K6 ; R8 := 50 10 [ 4]: LOADK R9 K7 ; R9 := 66 11 [ 4]: SETLIST R1 8 1 ; R1[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8] := R2,R3,R4,R5,R6,R7,R8,R9 I am a layman, obviously. Not only on Lua programming, I'm talking basically any programming language. So, can't translate lub to lua = can't restore this format to normal human readable lua? I did some research, and a term caught my eyes: Table serialization/unserialization. Is it the same thing as what we are talking about? I am a layman and I can tell the pattern here. R1= "airplane", 11984,101,86,"荤苞惑牢","airplane",50,66 Puting the garbled texts aside, it is exactly the same as in decompiled lua. So, with proper function/ batch tools, we can trans it, can't we?
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