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[ASK] Ready to use Renewal main.sql




I am new in Hercules, and I wanted to installed ti so I can play on LAN with my friends.

I just checked out the Hercules from github, and upon processing the database (from /trunk/sql-files) I met sooo many error when importing the upgrades (/trunk/sql-files/upgrades).


So, I wanted to ask are there any main.sql that I can copy to be ready to use (including the latest database update) ?

And if it possible the file ready for Renewal... :P


Thank you

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Emistry, on 22 Oct 2015 - 16:37, said:


It's solved now,

I am gonna try to implement the Renewal and 3rd Job,



For fresh installation there's no need to import the upgrades files from the folder, just main.sql and log.sql is enough.

But by default you will need to edit the location of loginlog database in trunk/conf/inter-server.conf



// MySQL Log SQL Database


log_db_port: 3306

log_db_id: ragnarok

log_db_pw: ragnarok

log_db_db: log //<<--- the default value of this was ragnarok


log_login_db: loginlog


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