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[Showcase] Magma Dungeon Lvl 3

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Full size dungeon for the location of fire monsters.
Also an attempt to make a map in the official style of magma dungeons.








*The character in the video and the monsters lag, because this is an overlap of two locations,
because in my version of the emulator there is no more convenient mapcache,
and I was too lazy to deal with the setting =P


I don't like the original 3rd level, because it's just copy-paste,
so I tried to combine the styles of the 1st and 2d levels,
made the overall look more aggressive,
also added elements of architecture, which ruins were visible on the original levels
and made the maximum size of the map, where all the monsters of magma dungeons can fit.
But there can be any fire monsters.


vBanFtf.png d9AVNbL.png













Please rate it :smile: if the map is good enough

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