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Demetra Admin panel

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Hello, i have a project of a control panel admin panel, i want it to be full of features, for players and adminstrators.
The main points are functionalities and security combined with a clean, good looking and professional layout made with only css so it'll be really easy to customize the layout.
About the technologies and techniques i'm using:
Javascript (jQuery Library)
Webstandards compliant
Responsive design
free and open-source
About the choice of the name
well, as all of you know, CeresCP owned for years the title of the most used cp but it's not updated since 2011, it's built with old techniques and it's vulnerable, but still a great cp
Ceres is a roman goddess, and as you know the roman myths are based on the greek ones, Demetra is just the goddess corresponding to Ceres on the Greek Mythology, i made this as a homage to CeresCP.
Some features that got in my mind:
for players
  • Players level ranking
  • Players zeny ranking
  • Guild ranking (customizable view, by guild level or by amount of castles owned)
  • once you log in, you will see your characters as they are (i'll be using rochargenphp framework)
  • multi-language support

for the staff
  • Ban/unban
  • VIP Admin ( the admin can activate players vip, and program it to end, with more than 1 different level of vips )
  • SQL server log, all the logs providaded by the server arranged in a cool table
  • Panel log, a log system for the panel operations (a lv 99 GM can see a lv 80 log, but lv 80 can't see lv 99 logs

Well there are more stuff but i can't remember then now (i have all noted on my notebook, later i'll update this topic)
If you guys have any ideas, features you want just let me know, any ideas will be considered
Is a donate shop, like on fluxcp, a good thing? is it used? should I implement it?
you can see a preview of the project in this link: http://noxusstudio.net/demetra

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This is not bad at all, you still have a long way to go however, it takes a great deal of work to fully secure any control panel. Have you ever thought about joining us in the expansion of the Flux CP branch in which we support?

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I know, there's a hard work waiting for anyone that wants to secure a digital system and maintain it, but it's a personal project i want to finish, but, joining a team expanding fluxcp looks like a great opportunity, any link i should read to get in?

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