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Found 9 results

  1. Flux Control Panel for Hercules Flux CP is now officialy available for Hercules! It is fully working with both pre-Renewal and Renewal Hercules servers. We will continue developing it, so it is always up-to-date and compatible with latest Hercules. New theme Hercules' Flux CP comes with a brand new theme. It's a grey-ish modern and clean HTML5 theme, called Emphaino. It has a nice dropdown menu located on top of the screen, and a customizable footer area, where you can put some stuff that should be visible all the time (like links to social media, forums etc.). A picture is worth a thousand words: It's a HTML5 theme, so it requires a decent browser, or IE9+ (if you insist on using that). Theme selection Having two themes is great, but until now it was impossible to make use of them both. That's why theme selector has been added to both themes, so your users can pick whichever theme they like more. Again, preview: Extra credits Authors of original FluxCP & FluxCP-rA. Authors of Emphaino theme (originally for Wordpress). Download Hercules' FluxCP Github repository: https://github.com/HerculesWS/FluxCP Issues Bug reports, questions and suggestions are all welcome directly on GitHub: https://github.com/HerculesWS/FluxCP/issues Enjoy~
  2. I already asked my webhost to open ports 6900, 6121 and 5121 to accept outbound connection. After that my website only shows Login server as online and for the rest it display as offline, and in my server side it displays: [Info]: Closed connection from 'WEBHOST IP'. [Info]: Closed connection from 'WEBHOST IP'. My game server is hosted in OVH running Ubuntu 16.04 OS and for my Website host it is hosted by Hostgator. Anyone would help me with this? Thank you!
  3. Hi Guys, So i've been trying to install fluxcp on my local host . i've xampp ready and all but when ever i try to enter fluxcp folder i get redirected to localhost/dashboard i've been trying to fix it for a while now . My cp location is : C:\xampp\htdocs\flux when i type localhost/flux in my URL bar it redirects me to localhost/dashboard Kindly help me out Regards, Atomik.
  4. Hi guys, Is there away to have https:// on login,registration,donation pages on flux cp? without doing a rewrite rule for site wide as thor patcher plays up and doesn't work. thx
  5. Hi all. I want to ask. I'm using hercules fluxcp. I try to reset my position and I want to view my equip. But the problem is I dont find my character there. Here some picture step im doing. 1st step, I click the my account, then proceed to my character. 2nd step, You can see no character was found ? I try click the Change slot, Reset Look, and Reset Positionbut its will redirect me to this below picture. . Then I will back to my homepage. The question is, how to fix it ?
  6. Hello !! thank you for clicking on the link and reading my request.... May i request for an NPC which can actually fetch the credits data from the flux cp and would be a shop which would sell items in exchange of the credits in flux panel db. I m requesting u because i m getting too much of item duper complaints and i guess setting global variables or using the predefined db like cp_credits would actually help in secure way of dealing with items. Hoping for a positive response Regards...
  7. ================================== Premade RO Websites v2 ==================================
  8. Hello, i have a project of a control panel admin panel, i want it to be full of features, for players and adminstrators. The main points are functionalities and security combined with a clean, good looking and professional layout made with only css so it'll be really easy to customize the layout. About the technologies and techniques i'm using: HTML5 CSS3 Javascript (jQuery Library) PHP Webstandards compliant Responsive design free and open-source About the choice of the name well, as all of you know, CeresCP owned for years the title of the most used cp but it's not updated since 2011, it's built with old techniques and it's vulnerable, but still a great cp Ceres is a roman goddess, and as you know the roman myths are based on the greek ones, Demetra is just the goddess corresponding to Ceres on the Greek Mythology, i made this as a homage to CeresCP. Some features that got in my mind: for players Players level ranking Players zeny ranking Guild ranking (customizable view, by guild level or by amount of castles owned) once you log in, you will see your characters as they are (i'll be using rochargenphp framework) multi-language support for the staff Ban/unban VIP Admin ( the admin can activate players vip, and program it to end, with more than 1 different level of vips ) SQL server log, all the logs providaded by the server arranged in a cool table Panel log, a log system for the panel operations (a lv 99 GM can see a lv 80 log, but lv 80 can't see lv 99 logs Well there are more stuff but i can't remember then now (i have all noted on my notebook, later i'll update this topic) If you guys have any ideas, features you want just let me know, any ideas will be considered Is a donate shop, like on fluxcp, a good thing? is it used? should I implement it? you can see a preview of the project in this link: http://noxusstudio.net/demetra
  9. Hello everyone! I have promised to release this fluxcp compatible to both renewal and pre-renewal This will be a TWO (2) part release First (1) - If you'll gonna use the Hercules default SQL https://github.com/SamuelHercules/fluxcp-herc Just use this fluxcp installation and execute the hercules default sql files. Second (2) - If you have too many custom items and using txt databases and wanted to import them into the website @Edit: - I forgot to tell you'll be needing the original fluxcp-ra by Xantara for this Use this converter: Link Use this FluxCP: Link How to use the converter? - Perl, if you don't have it: http://www.perl.org/get.html To run the script, specify an input, output, target, and table. For example: Original Link: http://rathena.org/board/topic/83703-txt-sql-converter/ Credits: First of all, I don't own the converter, this is from rathena and I just modified some parts of it. Since Hercules and Rathena's item_db.txt has still the same columns but just differs in the sql files. Second, I also don't own the control panel and just modified it, All credits belongs to their owners. God bless everyone!
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