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LeikaRO 15x/15x/10x

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LeikaRO is a new English Renewal Ragnarok Online server from the founder of CookieRO, dedicated to bringing you the best Renewal experience possible. We will be fixing bugs, improving upon original game mechanics, as well as implementing new official content and features very frequently. If you're looking for a long-term, corruption free Renewal server with NO imbalanced or overpowered donations, and the intention to remain accurate to the original game, but with what will be more subtle usability and quality of life tweaks, you've found what you're looking for. The main staff is comprised of highly experienced players, with active development taking place. Your unique experience begins here!


Launch Date: December 18th, 2014


= Main Server Features =

Renewal: Episode 15.1 Fantasmagorica

Main City: Prontera

Base EXP: 15x

Job EXP: 15x

Quest EXP: 15x

Drop Rate: 10x

MVP Card Drop Rate: 1x

Max Level: 175 Base, 60 Job

Max Stats: 130

Max ASPD: 193

Party Share Range: +/- 30 levels

Renewal EXP System: Bonus EXP: Yes -|- EXP Penalty: No

Renewal Drop System: No

War of Emperium Times: US and EU timezones, further information TBA

Instances & Dungeons: Endless Tower, Misty Forest Labyrinth, Bakonawa Lake, Bangungot Hospital, Buwaya's Cave,

Nidhoggur's Nest, Octopus Cave, Malangdo Culvert, Old Glast Heim, Nightmare Glast Heim,

Nightmare Scaraba Hole, Nightmare Clock Tower, Sealed Shrine available and working.

Horror Toy Factory, customized Endless Cellar, and more coming soon.

Newer Content: New World, El Dicastes, Malaya, Dewata,

Malangdo all implemented and working.

Bug Tracker: Players can report issues and the Administration team

can track and verify these reports. Allows for extremely quick fixes.

Regularly Hosted Events: Our Event GMs will frequently hold events for you to enjoy.

Custom Wiki: Community-driven Wiki documenting all of our custom changes, and more.

Searchable Item & Mob DB: Search our databases for mob information not available anywhere else,

or for exclusive item information only available here.

Pet System: Standard pet system with Pet Evolution coming soon.

Fully Working Rebellion: That's right. Fully coded and working Rebellion class.

Active Development: We're picking up where Renewal has been dropped, and bringing it upon

ourselves to implement content and features from officials, as well as balancing and fixing

them when needed. Bugs left in from the base emulator have and will be fixed in a timely manner.

If you're sick and tired of playing on the same broken servers, LeikaRO is perfect for you.



= Custom Server Features =

Improved Leveling: There are now more ways to level than before!

Refinement System Overhaul: Built and improved upon the older refining mechanics!

Lockbox System: Players can acquire extra rewards from enemies with our new Lockbox System!

Battlegrounds Adjustments: Improvements to all Battlegrounds, and their rewards!

Achievement System: Gain extra EXP and other rewards from completing in-game achievements!

Description Revamp: Every item name, item description, skill description, skill name and buff/debuff icon description

have been re-written for complete and total accuracy. No more wondering what a skill actually does! No more

incorrect or missing item descriptions! What you can read is now exactly what you will get.

Hats!: Nearly every hat ever made in the game will be available in some manner via the Cash Shop and

a custom NPC by exchanging a currency acquired in-game from events, drops, and other methods.

Some new official hats you've never seen before have also been implemented.

Skill Quality of Life Tweaks & Modifications: Weapon Refine changed to Equipment Refine (can refine armor), Mado Gear License is now

an Active skill that can be used to mount your Mado for the cost of 20 Mado Gear Fuel, with many more tweaks coming!

Updated Databases: Far from being an out-of-the-box server, we've manually updated all our item and monster databases to

accurately reflect the latest changes in kRO.

Automated Events: Automatically started events that players can acquire our in-game currency from.

Seasonal Events: Major seasonal US-based events such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween during their local times.

Eden Boards up to 175: Paradise/Eden Board Board Quests have been increased from their max of 99, up to 175!

Homunculus Changes: Homunculi can now level to 175, gain 200% increased EXP, and have fitting Defensive Elemental Attributes.

Same Sex Marriage: Characters of the same gender can marry each other.

Character Bound Gender: Coming very soon.



= Featured NPCs =

Kafra with Universal Rental, Log-in Commands, and Repairs

Town, Dungeon, and Instance Warper

Job Genie which provides Platinum Skills

Reset Genie

Build Manager


Hat Costume NPC (costume any Headgear)

Stylist (47 Hairstyles, 263 Hair Dyes, 533 Clothes Dyes)

Card Remover

Guild Manager with Guild Storage

Basic Supply Dealers (Vendor items available in one convenient place)

Event Warper NPC



= Available Commands =



@time / @uptime




@mi / @monsterinfo

@ii / @iteminfo









@autoloot / @autoloottype / @autolootid

@autotrade / @at





@itemshortcut / @isc (Allows you to bind a consumable, Ex: "@isc 504")

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