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  1. Hercules ba gamit mo? ang default duration kasi dito ay 4x longer pag sa WoE.
  2. Mhalicot

    Bug difence

    Needs additional Info, para sa case mo... dapat ibigay mo yung buong explanation like kung anong adds. ang inilagay mo sa server mo. baka na apektuhan non yung server mo..
  3. Very Busy IRL.. Will be Off for a while..

  4. Sorry for MIA, I've been very busy IRL, so I need to update all my codes once I have free time.

  5. Busy IRL.. I'll keep on touch when have free time but can't contribute at the moment..

  6. cant reproduce your problem.. what version you use? Please let me know the steps to reproduce it.. Thanks..
  7. Hi rathena has its own version.. try to search it
  8. Try to include first before you define.. #include <stdio.h>#include <stdlib.h>#include <string.h> #include "../common/HPMi.h"#include "../map/script.h"#include "../map/pc.h"#include "../common/HPMDataCheck.h" #ifndef COMMON_HPMI_H //Added#define COMMON_HPMI_H //Added#ifndef MAP_SCRIPT_H //Added#define MAP_SCRIPT_H //Added#ifndef MAP_PC_H //Added#define MAP_PC_H //Added#ifndef HPM_DATA_CHECK_H //Added#define HPM_DATA_CHECK_H //Added
  9. @@Axl, that error has been resolved already.. please download the latest version which is 3.4 Thanks!
  10. @@koko24, just add countitem() on the script.. example if (countitem(Apple) >= 1) { mes "Oh an apple, I didn't want it, I just wanted to see one"; close; }
  11. Make sure that you compile it without error.. @@Mhalicot is that AFK with with HAT? or just an pub-chat? Thanks! Its AFK with Hat..
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