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Easy to use & feature packed NPC Script Editor for RO emulator(s).

Has a built in plug-in system, so anyone can write their own plugin to extend this editor's feature.


Now optimized for performance and support NPC Script Parsing / Syntax / Error checking (F6) right in the editor to speed up your coding.

What's New in Version v1.0.0.600   See changelog


  • Fixed bug with plugin service which initialized the plugin twice (slowed the app launch, now it's much better)
  • Updated plugin interface - the Initialize() method must take a string parameter (SelectionQuery)
  • Sample "Hello World" sample plugin (VS2012 C# .NET) now comes shipped with each new release - check "Plugins" folder
  • The NSE will now remember your last window position, size and monitor number (Resets with each new release)
  • Now you can open npc script file by dragging & dropping them into editor
  • NPC Script Command Bible Plugin will load custom "script_commands.txt" file (if it's found in "Plugins" dir) - otherwise it defaults to built-in resource file on the DLL.
  • Ctrl + W = Close Current Tab
  • Ctrl + Tab = Next Tab (Cycle Forward)
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab = Prev Tab (Cycle Back)
  • Ctrl + N (1 ~ 9) = Opens Nth Opened Tab (e.g. Ctrl + 2 will open 2nd open tab)
  • Ctrl + Space = Show auto-suggest/complete for the script command you are typing
  • F1 = Select text in editor and press F1 to open NPC Script Command Bible plugin
  • F2 = Select text in editor and press F2 to open Text Translator plugin
  • Implemented F6 Hotkey = Parse Current NPC Script To Output Window and shows any syntax / coding errors
  • OutputWindow cannot be closed, and it starts hidden now
  • Improved OutputWindow handling code
  • OutputWindow now launches in hidden mode, and reveals itself on F6 keypress (if hidden)
  • Fixed Tab Order/Stop in Core Plugins
  • NPCScriptCommandsBible Plugin no longer uses internal script_commands.txt
  • script_commands.txt is converted to Windows EOL automatically before parsing - no need to manually convert it now
  • Re-Written NPCScriptCommandsBible Plugin's script_commands.txt Parser
  • Plugin Code Optimized
  • Fixed unnecessary trailing space with command info parsing - NPCScriptCommandsBible
  • Enabled word wrap and forced vertical scroll bar - NPCScriptCommandsBible
  • F1 hotkey now guesses the word at caret position (if a selection wasn't there)
  • New script file(s) that are opened now automatically converted to CRLF (EOL)
  • Fixed minor bug with F1 Guess Word At Caret function
  • Fully Implemented "Open Recent" (History) Feature
  • U.I Improvement - If the same file is already opened, that tab window is shown instead of opening the same file twice (or more)
  • Enabled brace matching
  • Fixed Minor Bug With Start-Up Sequence
  • Fixed crash bug with opening files with the editor
  • Removed Global Hotkey and replaced with application level hotkey feature

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This is an amazing script editor. The Code Parse feature is what makes this nearly better than the rest. With it, you no longer need to go through the trouble of restarting your server or reloading the npc file. It will test the code for you as your server would eliminating that extra step. I recommend this. Download it now :D.

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