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  1. Nope I didn't say that it was the issue, I'm saying that if you can apply that feature on that progress bar update is awesome for skin appearance.
  2. I've been using thor for many years now and never experience major issues only after you publish ver2.6.1.66+ the issues occurred. And I think the most stable right now is no offense. I also notice while patching the download speed is not normal. that's why we reverted to Is it possible that you implement this feature in
  3. same here I'm having issues patching in latest thor and also the .dat file, the latest thor doesn't read the old .dat file so when the patcher.exe is replace it patch again in the very first patch.
  4. Does anyone here knows how to configure fluxcp for 1login-2char-2map?
  5. perfect this seems to work thanks
  6. let say if the user input -1 or just 0 or letter how do I add additional check on user input?
  7. I see. thanks that same with kafrapoints? right
  8. are this commands #CASHPOINTS and #KAFRAPOINTS can be use in NPC script? can someone give me a sample.
  9. Its exactly what I'm looking for nice release. thank you
  10. ohhhhh now I see. I forgot to test and include this "SystemLuaFiles514OptionInfo.lub" I thot its not included on 2013 but still I tried and it worked. thanks mate
  11. I think the problem in your client is your dataluafiles514lua filesquestquest_function.lub copy the dataluafiles514lua filesquest2013quest_function.lua in dataluafiles514lua filesquest and make sure to change it to .lub
  12. another problem that I've encounter is the setup.exe the way it was created by setup.exe(ghostring)/opensetup.exe(ai4rei). Its different than the newer savedata. Is there someone manage to fixed this?
  13. Is there a way to make it work on 2013 client? because when I save the options this one occur(2010?/2011?/2012) but on 2013 client, its different(2013)
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