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About This File

HPM @autoatk complete package.


Compatible with Windows System Only


if you are using Linux, ignore other files and use only autoattack.c and recompile it.. follow this steps

some Linux Systwem got many bugs with files what are allready compiled under VS2010 .




1. Download and extract files using 7z or any application that can extract it.

2. extract it in your server directory ex: C:/RO Server/Hercules/

2.1 if ask for Overwrite files? click OK.

3. Your done. you can now try your plugins.


In Recompiling:

If you are using VS2010

right click autoatk>Configuration Properties>General>

search for Platform Toolset, change to VS2009(v90) / VS2010(v100) / VS2012(v110) / VS2013(v120)

then try to recompile again..

the command is @autoatk.

If you want to edit look for src/plugins/autoattack.c


If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment.

for more info on using HPM Click Me


Original Released by: ossi0110

Requested by: Karazu

What's New in Version 1.4   See changelog


  • 1.0 ~ Initial Script
  • 1.1 ~ Fixed Not attacking when @autoatk is on.
  • 1.2 ~ Update compilation compatibility on rev. 13321
  • 1.3 ~ Restriction using @autoatk upon dead and
  • automatic off when died.
  • 1.4 Fixed Compilation error. Rev. 145***

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