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  1. Perhaps a location that specifies which skills are affected by thanatos or not.
  2. No luck so far sadly, pasted it, fixed some syntax errors and got this far below: next screen is just purely white and ends
  3. I've tried the fix above and it worked wonders as far as restoring the thanatos effect on auto attacks. However, it seems that it doesn't affect skills like Soul Breaker, as it should and used to pre-renewal. Is there a location to configure that?
  4. the renewal file does not have any line that changes specifically the thanatos effect. I am looking for the exact location of the formula that defines the atk/def ratio script that is applied in the DB. I feel like it is most likely in src, but do not know where.
  5. Hello, I need help on editing the thanatos effect formula in Renewal. I would like to stay in renewal mode, but keep the old formula from pre-renewal. Any pointers on where this is located and how to go about changing it? Thank you,
  6. I noticed the same thing, it is as if Thanatos Card/Ice Pick has little to no effect compared to what it did in Pre-Renewal. Is there a change in the src that we can restore how it used to behave? It just doesn't punish high vit builds like it used to.
  7. Hmm, gave it a try, but no luck so far.
  8. Anyone have an idea as to how to get this to work? It seems to me that the race never starts. poringrace.txt
  9. Nothing at all actually, I will dive into this one. Thanks Winterfox, you have all the answers.
  10. Anyone have an idea as to a workaround editing item_db.conf with excel? The nice thing about the old .txt format was that you could easily edit mass amounts of data easily in rows. However, .conf files are a bit troublesome.
  11. How great that would be, all the support
  12. Ahh I see, thanks for the notice. I have done everything listed on that list. And currently use Nemo Patcher but it does not seem to be able to diff this aura option. Any recommendations would be great.
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