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  1. This should have been part of the official version. Thanks, it helped a lot.
  2. Because of a certain peculiarity of my server, all normal player accounts are gm level 1. Is there a setting in FluxCP where I can configure the GM level of newly created accounts?
  3. This is a continuation of the question I brought posted here. I am running a server in PK mode. I want guild emblems to show hovering over players in all PK maps. It turned out that this behavior was governed by the ragexe, not the src. Modifying the packets I was able to fool the game into thinking PK maps were GvG maps, and thus it displayed the emblems like intended. However, it also started hiding WoE damage and enforcing /nc off. Making damage visible was easy because this was a known hex edit. The /nc issue is more difficult, I couldn't find anything about hexing/diffing a client to not have to hold down the Mouse1 button to continuously attack in WoE. Has anybody ever done this?
  4. [eAthena]Okay after fiddling for hours, I figured it out. It turns out that this behavior is controlled by the ragexe.exe, not the SRC in particular. if(map[sd->bl.m].flag.pvp) { if(!battle_config.pk_mode) { // remove pvp stuff for pk_mode [Valaris] if (!map[sd->bl.m].flag.pvp_nocalcrank) sd->pvp_timer = add_timer(gettick()+200, pc_calc_pvprank_timer, sd->bl.id, 0); sd->pvp_rank = 0; sd->pvp_lastusers = 0; sd->pvp_point = 5; sd->pvp_won = 0; sd->pvp_lost = 0; } clif_set0199(sd,1); I changed that last line to 'clif_set0199(sd,3);'. It sends a packet to your client that makes it think you're in a GvG map, but without actually making GvG damage and restrictions apply(like disabling pushback or using guild.conf WoE damage options apply). It effectively did what I wanted but with two drawbacks: 1) No Visible Damage 2) No /nc Fixing the first issue was easy, I just had to hex my client to show WoE damage and it worked. The problem is the /nc not working, which is not something anybody has ever bothered to hex before(to my knowledge). If we can figure out a way to hex this, it could be made into a feature. Edit: This is eAthena code, not Hercules. Apparently in Hercules/rAthena this function is called clif_map_property.
  5. I've got a server running on PK mode. I want guild emblems to show over character heads all the time, like in WoE. In other words, I want the Emblems over character heads to display in all maps, not just on mapflag gvg maps. I cannot find where in the src this behavior is governed. Anybody has any idea where I should be looking? Maybe this could be a .conf setting too? It would certainly be useful to other people.
  6. When it comes to status effects, I know there's a switch in status.c that can easily make certain effects not work on targets using GTB Card. However, I want to modify a damage spell to ignore GTB. Specifically, I want Spell Fist to damage targets using GTB Card. Where should I be looking?
  7. Using Nemo? Was there such a functionality?
  8. I'm running a very vintage server that uses a 2009 ragexe.exe. A have a really bad issue that nearly every player has complained about. "My game opens in a tiny window." As you know, the root of this problem happens because my client is looking for resolution settings on the Windows Registry. Running the Setup that has the REG button fixes the issue but I'd like to give a permanent fix for this issue. The most natural way of repairing this issue is to distribute the game with an installer that will edit the Registry, but before I do that I want to know: Is there a way to change my client, so that it will read resolution and other options from a file inside the folder struture?
  9. Errors like these all over the compiling process. I had to use ./configure --enable-64bit. The servers do finish compiling and it works, I've logged in and tested Rebellion/Star Emperor/Soul Reaper skills for over an hour and had no crashes, no warning, no unexpected behavior or anything. I can't be sure that something isn't working at a deeper level though. Any suggestions?
  10. The title says it all, I want to delete stuff in carts but there is no scripting commands that does it. Requesting new addition.
  11. None of this work in Pre-Re mode, right? That's a shame.
  12. This is because of the ragexe, there's nothing you can do really. The EXP bar is going to display again after you get to Lv61, probably. Use @showexp to follow your progress.
  13. These indicators are everywhere. How do I disabled it? Using latest hercules and 2018-03-28bRagexe.
  14. Never I found it already, callfunc works on item scripts it seems.
  15. Is it possible to create an item that calls up a script? What I want to do is an item that stays permanently on player's inventories. When it is used, it calls up a script that give information about the current users on the map.
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