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  1. Oh okay thanks so it is more likle effected from the servers hardware spec, that the other lagged than the connection towards it right?
  2. @@Mysterious But why not take CDN, that you only pay for your traffic used? When this is clearly the better option than hoping for a good connection for everyone. Also CDN has other advantages too. Greetings
  3. @@Winterfox CDN doesn't mean that I have to have an active userbase of 20.000+ user requests there are little solutions out there too. I just came up with this, because of my own experience of playing on servers that are more likely bound on one location. For example I am from germany and played on a server hosted in swiss. I had no lag and best conditions ever, but people on this server coming from the philippines had really delayed gaming experience due to motion lags of it's finest. And there are a lot philippine players, malaysians, germans and some might come from asia too at least I know there are some. So some server owner might care about providing good latency over long distances. Maybe you have some other ideas beside CDNs. Maybe your own load balancer for herc but I think there are good networks out there already.
  4. As you replied to the other post you know that these settings are housed in src/map/battle.c lines 1381- 1414
  5. Hey ho, Actually I'm browsing around looking for good CDN offers, but I see they are settled on per traffic prices for example you pay 0,119 USD for every GB your server produces in traffic. So correct me if my perception is completly wrong in those pricing models . So there comes up a question, that I've got no to none experience of. How much traffic does a herc based server produce if you are running the full server setup meaning the emulator itself+website including client downloads ( maybe put them on some file sharing providers would makes sense no? ) .. Well it depends on how many persons will play on the server, but maybe we can get an average per person traffic or we are taking an average populated example. Be creativ! Mind sharing your experience? Thanks in advance Yours Noil
  6. Allow space in guild name Chat Flood Remove Limit Custom Window Title Disable 4 Letter Charackter Name Limit Disable Quake skill effect Disable Swear Filter -> so you can write sex ingame without getting *** useful for @changesex Maybe you want to use 64k Hairstyles for charackter creation Enable Title Bar Menu Extend all boxes Increase Zoom out of your liking Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo.lub Skip License Screen ---> saves 2 Enter Skip Server Selection Screen ---> s.a. Use Ragnarok Icon --> if you don't use a launcher well you can add any you want
  7. @@Winterfox This query return anything only if item present in all this tables Yeah right.
  8. well I learned to use them SELECT * FROM inventory, cart_inventory, `storage`, guild_storageWHERE inventory.nameid = cart_inventory.nameidAND cart_inventory.nameid = `storage`.nameidAND `storage`.nameid = guild_storage.nameidAND inventory.nameid = 2629GROUP BY inventory.nameid Syntax is fine but I get no results
  9. Yeah I just tested it one sec I will edit soon Edit: new one works like a charm
  10. @@tmav94 Try this: SET @nameid = 2124;(SELECT `nameid`, `char_id` AS char_id, '-' AS account_id , '-' AS guild_id, `unique_id` as unique_id, 'inventory' as tablename FROM `inventory` WHERE nameid = @nameid)UNION(SELECT `nameid`, `char_id`, '-', '-', `unique_id`, 'cart_inventory' FROM `cart_inventory` WHERE nameid = @nameid)UNION(SELECT `nameid`, '-', `account_id`, '-', `unique_id`, 'storage' FROM `storage` WHERE nameid = @nameid)UNION(SELECT `nameid`, '-', '-', `guild_id`, `unique_id`, 'guild_storage' FROM `guild_storage` WHERE nameid = @nameid); replace the nameid with your nameid Greetings
  11. or use ./configure --with-key1=0xFIRSTKEY --with-key2=0xSECONDKEY --with-key3=0xTHIRDKEY if you use /configure and make
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