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  1. Hmm, I don't mean like this, See, now we have 2014-10-22 (or even 2015) client flying around this forum, the link above doesn't provide all the client links. If only we can summarize all those link into one compact post, I think this will be easier for everyone. Each link(version) will have the details of its changelogs.
  2. What is the latest client version supported by this tool ?
  3. Hi, I (and I know there are a lot people also) recently had a lot of problems looking for the download links for clients, even though everyone always said "It's on the forum, try to look it, no help for lazy", and I was just like..nggggggg. Seriously, dude, we've been looking and we found it after half a day. Half a day just for finding the correct download link for client is not good. So, I am thinking about one thread for all client version link which supported by Hercules (stable and working client with different tag). @Admin/Moderator: Could it be done? And make it as sticky thread so new member will easy to find it. Thank you
  4. @ Where to download the full client for it? I used the 2014-02-05 client now, but it git crashes on Linux (using WINE), I am wondering whether the 2014-10-22 is working
  5. Can you tell me where you downloaded the files?
  6. Is this the latest 2014 client version Hercules support? Can you put it on Github or Mediafire instead of Megaupload? I can't download from there I am looking for a client that able to run on Linux (using WINE, PlayOnLinux is not an option it consume too many RAM), I used the 2014-02-05 but it always crashes on WINE
  7. my current langtype: <port>6900</port> <version>30</version> <langtype>10</langtype> Change the langtype to 21 and works !! but this error Appear: Change the Langtype to 1: and Work Fine !! BUT !! when another person Talk appear: |00 infront ex: newbie: |00hi how are you? me: fine and you.. newbie: |00 fine ty .... Solved ! I change the langtype and the service. for future dudes. Yes i have it. u didnt read the Note ? What langtype do you use? I tired to use 0 and 1 still |00 when people chat, And what does Service you changed?
  8. I just downloaded the 20150601 version client Where can I find the LocalRO.exe files? I suppose this is the file we execute when we want to play? Do I need to build it? How? Can you tell me what these files for: I dont know which one is the .exe I need to execute to run the game
  9. Hi, I am running RO client with version 20140205 in Linux, but it got crashed. Anyone know where to get the Linux support for that version? Thank you
  10. Thanks sir, i just change my langtype to 1, thanks you for this Hey , I also have this problem, where do I change the server langtype? Is it the clientinfo.xml (I though this is a client)?
  11. What? How? I checked out the Hercules from Github, and Rebellion is there... All the skills, equipments, sprites, are available. Skills are all passive, sprite is there because its from kRO, we do have coded jobs, but there's no bonuses/Proper HP Tables/ nor any of the skills are coded. If you use skill, it will error out at map-server Hmm, Ouch, I just noticed that, what about Kagerou/Oborou?
  12. What? How? I checked out the Hercules from Github, and Rebellion is there... All the skills, equipments, sprites, are available.
  13. Hi, I got a question, I am using Renewal setting. I have this issue : http://herc.ws/board/topic/10989-rebellion-max-hpsp-bug/ On the job_db.txt I found a note mentioning: So, does it mean if my MAX_LEVEL = 200 and on the table only listed until 150, the missing level will be automatically generated by Hercules Server, right? Which mean I don't need to add it manually?
  14. Yeah, I noticed that, but the same applied to other job (no bug found for other jobs). and also don't forget: > // Note: If table index size is smaller than the max level the server will automatically generate the missing index based on the average increase per level.ong> Try to use search function a bit more often, see here. Good luck. Yep, I've read that, but giving the notifications on the job_db.txt So, if I need to add it manually, does it mean Hercules server won't generates the missing index level? Why it doesn't buggy for other job, like Knight, Paladin, Warlock, etc, (only on Rebellion). My HP/SP table for those jobs also have smaller index, but the bug doesn't occurs.
  15. Yeah, I noticed that, but the same applied to other job (no bug found for other jobs). and also don't forget:
  16. Hi, I just noticed that my Rebellion only have small amount of HP/SP: I will only have 520/125 HP/SP at high level. Here's the trunk/db/re/job_db.conf Look at the Rebellion part: Did I missed something? Thank you
  17. What is the latest revision? I am using the one from 10/22/2015 5:55PM And I've been trying to update the sql, but I got a lot of errors from duplicate ID to field doesn't exist, Also I have a question regarding the: From those .sql file, i imported all of them, is that correct?
  18. Hi, I just realized that I have this log on my map-server.exe
  19. Hi, I had something bothering my mind about MAX_LEVEL for several jobs. We know we have these: - Rebellion - Kagerou/Oborou - Star Gladiator/Soul Linker (Taekwon Master?) doesn't have (yet?) 3rd job expansion. And I am trying to balance my server, we have this policy to make the game more fun Thus, for the "not 3rd Jobs" will only have How do I set Rebellion, Kagerou, Taekwon Master MAX_LEVEL more than the 3rd job without affecting the other 2nd class (and lower) ? Thank you
  20. Ouh, I missed that, I am gonna stick to my 2014-05-02 version then..
  21. Where can I get this client along with the data? (Ready to play client, only need to edit the clientinfo.xml from .grf and data folder)
  22. Hey, Yep, the server is running now, but I got other issue, I posted it here: http://herc.ws/board/topic/10942-char-serverexe-crashed/ For brief, the issue is my char-server.exe crashes everytime user trying to get into character selection.
  23. Hi, I am running in: - Windows 8.1 64bit - XAMPP with MySQL 14 My database issue is (probably) fixed, But I right now I run with other issue, which is: Everytime user login to character selection, my char-server.exe crashes with these log: The servers were all running fine until user try to get into the character selection (screen after selecting the server). Anyone can help me? UPDATE: After debugging the char-server.exe I got the error pointed to this line: But I stil ldon't know what to do... Thank you
  24. Hmm, I also met this error. I am running with working network, so I can't turn off the firewall, are there any other way to do it?
  25. Oh, man, I didn't see that, I used eAthena before, and I haven't see this file. Anyway, it works now, So, furthermore, for the upgrades files, how I am suppose to import it? I don't need it? I want to run this server with Renewal and of course Job 3 and all the instances. Any tips or walkthrough on implementing the server?
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