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  1. Yommy

    I miss Ind :'(

    If you read this, please email or message me. I miss you lots <3
  2. i use the last 10 digits of PI for my password, never been hacked
  3. http://herc.ws/board/index.php?app=core&module=search
  4. indeed lots of unfinished (and awesome) things by @@Ind will be lost :'( Haru was working on H.E.R.C too, it is not lost, although unfinished i think
  5. it was awesome working with you Ind <3 you can still chat to me anytime on skype about non ragnarok stuffs
  6. Yes, i understand that, I meant at the end when he had finished and stopped working, He once sent me some source files, but nothing of the core xray code.
  7. Xray was a client modification by Meruru, before all the lua/lub stuff, all the data inside the lua was hardcoded in to the client which made adding items pretty hard. Meruru rewrote functions that read the hardcoded data, and made it read from txt files. still annoyed he didnt opensource it (Meruru ?) Pinky was nice too
  8. i still blame paradox294x, fucktard
  9. you can use item names instead of item numbers TCG_Card instead of 7227
  10. ahh, i pretty much had the same text wrote, but forgot to post
  11. it really depends on how the 'Maya Purple Filter' works. the whole packet is not encrypted or obfuscated, only the first 2 bytes (the message_id) and only on packets 'client to server'. excellent to stop sending arbitrary packets and skill spamming. packets sent 'server to client' dont have message_id encryption, which is probably where the filter is doing its work i guess the filter works by searching for the incoming packet and discards it. yup, Anti WPE has its limitations
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