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  1. Yep. I've already kept that in mind. Thanks for reminding though!
  2. @evilpuncker @Legend @Dastgir , Thanks! My softwares needed to be installed on windows OS bc of compatibility issues. Do you guys think it's still good if I use a virtualbox, install centos or debian, then put the ro files there? Maybe i'll give it a 4gb ram for the RO itself since I have 16gb of ram. And if I use VBox how much of the processor do you think should I spare for the ro server? again thank you guys!
  3. Hi! I was about to open an internet cafe with 10-15 workstations and i'm planning to host my ro server there and host it online. I knew it's better to get a hosting service but I was thinking that I wanted to learn how to setup things for hosting and have ideas about it. Well it's better if I gain experience in actual scenarios instead of just reading and thinking about it. I was about to create a wifi hotspot with firewall and diskless setup to the server cpu. So I needed to keep it running 24/7 because of the wifi hotspot. Then I was thinking maybe I could host my RO Server in that cpu. - i5 Processor - 16gb RAM - Running on Windows Server Questions: 1) How much internet download and upload speed should I need if my server will have about 150-200 players? speed for the Ragnarok itself since the hotspot, webhosting, patcher and other cafe users will consume some. But I will divide the internet speed using a firewall so I wanted to know what would be the enough download and upload speed for the RO server itself. 2) I was planning to install VirtualBox and install a debian or centos OS and put the RO server files there. Will this be better? or should I just put the RO server files into the windows server itself? 3) How much RAM does the RO server needs in order to be able to load 150-200 players smoothly? 4) About the DDOS attacks, what can be the preventive measures in order for the attacks to be minimized? I've read somewhere that it can be minimized by the hardware used but I have the slightest idea about preventing ddos attacks. Please enlighten me with your advices! Thank you!
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