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  1. tell me how you delivered your promotional banners?
  2. Please beware with this guys, just scammed me after payment and never replied
  3. This guys is totally a scammer, we even gone to the police/baranggay for the DDOS attack he made on my servers and clients. Also made an investment scam with some of my previous clients, they are already planning to report this guy to the police/nbi for those investment scams he made. So beware of this Dev Blaze aka mark anthony sayaang.
  4. The closed connection from webhost ip means, your site has been visited by someone and it connects to your database. thats why you are seeing closed connection from your webhost ip
  5. I can help you with protecting your main ip using proxy servers, i offer proxy servers on my hosting
  6. its useless if you only want to protect your clientinfo.xml by encrypting your grf, ip will still be visible using some software like wireshark.
  7. on the hostname just change the domain to your vps ip
  8. definitely a scammer it takes years before he reply
  9. for that, you dont need to clone since you have your own emulator, just upload it into your vps
  10. its the same, if your using an old emulator it should support as well
  11. http://herc.ws/wiki/Installation_(CentOS)
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