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  1. Great work! Looks like test server doesnt work
  2. Its easy to use. Any person can make server using it
  3. If there's some error message, you can post it here. There is no err message. Just client crashes, and dump appeares
  4. Hi guys. My 20-03-13 exe get random crashes on warp/location loads. Sometimes client crashes once a day, sometime once an hour. I got a lot of dumps. but don't know how to check them. Can someone help me? Thank you.
  5. It works but will i got any problems by making pneuma Ensemble skill ? I mean bugs or smth else?
  6. Thanks. But now (last revision) Dispel removes pneuma, SW and wall of fog : ) You can easly check it, just cast pneuma use double strafe and dispel character in pneuma. You got 100% hit.
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