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  1. goto will never be removed as it's used internally by some instruction (if, switch, for, do, while, function). But it will be surely renamed as __goto (or similar name) to avoid it's used in script. In fact you don't need it, except if you do some awesome optimizations.
  2. @daison3 Why importing socket.io ? socket.io use a nodejs library called ws. I use ws directly in roBrowser so there is no need to add another layer to the system. If you are worry about support with older browser, then you have to know that it will not work in all case since it required a up to date browser to support WebGL. @sever My wsproxy is hosted on the server where is running the emulator, so the connection from the proxy to the server is local and fast. You should not have problems except if your proxy is hosted in another country than the emulator, or if you have too much people connected on the proxy at the same time. The mail system is not implemented yet
  3. @sever Is the problem still here ? I did some fixes some weeks ago about charset problem because of urlencode. @daison3 It's not using socket.io. For now it's using different ways depending of the browser support: Node Socket - if running as a node-wekbit package (not fully implemented) TCPSocket - depending of the support, for now it's only supported on Firefox OS App Chrome Socket - if running as a chrome app. WebSocket - (need to setup a websocket proxy server, using nodejs, to support the websocket handshake). Java Socket - last case, need to install a java applet. @Edgarchik You can send me a pm with your mail so I'll activate it. The forum/server going to switch to a new web host soon, too much limitation with the current one...
  4. Weapons and shield are fully display on animation ACTION_READYFIGHT. Depending of the weapon type, the attack frame (ACTION_ATTACK, ACTION_ATTACK2, ACTION_ATTACK3) vary (the weapon is only display in one frame). About the route, I don't see a reason to not be found if you enabled it in index.php
  5. Hi Luffy, Update your git repo, convert your DB files with tools/converter, compile your sources (Online and Thread apps) with tools/build/.
  6. Little compilation of what's were done since the last time: Emoticons Support @monsterbig / @monstersmall Support for monster hp bar Support for teleport / warp portal window (also identify and autocast skill). Support for pet hunger bar Add discount and overcharge (correct display) Can now open users shop Now supporting Party System (and friends /hi, /invite, /leave, /organize, change leader, expel, change configs, casting skill on names, everythings.). Awesome memory optimization (can now render 5x more monsters on screen). And a lot of bugfixes and clean up. Maybe others things I forget through.
  7. C'est un peu compliqué à prendre en main au début (manque de documentation), mais une fois qu'on a compris le principe ça va tout seul.Envoie moi ton identifiant ou email par message privé je t'activerais ton compte
  8. It's file to manage some effect animation. Here's my viewer: http://demo.robrowser.com/examples/api-strviewer-frame.html
  9. Never saw it, can you share a screenshot about this interface ? Does it do the same as "Print Screen" keys ?roBrowser already have a screenshot API so it should not be a problem to add it (even if I don't really see the point to take a screenshot here). Edit: As saw with Dastgir, the new screenshot option doesn't make sense in robrowser since it require the user to click on a link to save the screenshot.
  10. The trade system is now implemented in roBrowser (and fully working).
  11. If I find time and motivation I'll maybe check for security exploits once it's done. Most of the panels out there got critical vulnerabilities. In fact really depend if the project interest me.
  12. I already post some SS some months ago on IRC, so it's maybe where you saw some of them Not sure if I have much time to really help Borf, but he can always contact me on gtalk (hu Hangouts now) if he wants to talk or grab RO informations In fact it does support water better than Browedit does. The wave pitch and intensity is the more interesting part of the water in my opinion. Too bad, nobody has the correct formula to manage water...
  13. I think so. Mostly because I've the feeling that their official editor is not that user friendly. However, seems they have quite a lot of tools. Leak: Gravity will not use others tools, they are attached to their own outdated ones. (note: It's not the case of official servers). Awesome work, would be great to have a linux build (since I saw some fix for linux in the commits log).
  14. It's a stand alone script. So you have to install it and just add html image in your fluxcp pointing to rochargen.
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