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  1. But I want the max color only for doram, all classes have the normal max color, but doram can go only on max hair color 4 and max hairstyle 10
  2. How to put max hair color for 4 and hair style 10 for doram when he go in the stylist?
  3. Can someone help me how to know the sizes? in the configuration file there is Left=121 Top=43 and Width=826, thats for the "news" Height=545, I'll put here the original image
  4. It worked, really thanks for all the help!
  5. wow dude it worked thx <3, only 1 question more to finish, when I say in the beginning "no" he dont say nothing, its blank, it stay like this @Legend
  6. And When I say that I have the items it get bugged, there is no close button
  7. Nvm I solved the error, btw can you tell me how to but that when I click that I have the items, she say something like "you dont have the items"? because if I say that I have even if I dont have she says congrats, if you already did that it doesnt work @meko
  8. Now I cant talk with the npc xd, he just dont talk, this npc really dont want to work
  9. Another thing xd, could u just tell me how to put "You dont have the items!", when I say that I have the items but i dont have? because now even if i dont have the items she says congrats
  10. But in the wait whats the material for, even if I have the items or not, when i click it just resets, he dont say nothing, And when I say "no" in the beginning it get bugged
  11. When I click the that question it just resets and dont happen nothing, and if i put that I have the items it says 2 things at the same time
  12. When I talk with him he only say this xD
  13. einbroch,55,200,4 script Herald 123,{ if( !#onetimeitem ){ set #onetimeitem,1; mes "Hello youngster. Want to know a secret?"; next; switch(select("Yes:No")) { case 1: mes "[Herald]"; mes "You made the right choice. Do you know that the toughest material in Rune Midgard is called Mithril? The best part is, I know how to get it."; next; mes " If you're willing to prove me you can handle a tough excursion, I'll direct you to my friend, and from that moment on, you're his problem. Will you do it?"; next; OnMenu: switch(select("Yes I will do it!:Wait, what's the material for?")) { case 1: mes "[Herald]"; mes "Outstanding! I will need you to collect two pieces of Pure Bradium, an excellent mineral from Bradium Golems in Manuk Fields. Bring me these two, and I will give you something so that my friend grants you passage to the mines."; next; mes "So ,do you have the items?"; next; switch(select("Yes,Here They are:No")) { case 1: mes "[Herald]"; mes "Well done, I wasn't thinking you could do it. But be careful, the place where you'll be headed is very tough."; if (countitem(512) < 20) delitem 7233, getbounditem 1244 1 close; } mes "[Herald]"; mes "Let me know when you're done. I will reward you for your efforts."; close; } case 2: mes "[Herald]"; mes " Don't make me regret this. Bring me the damn Bradium!"; close; case 2: mes "[Herald]"; mes "I can't properly answer that. You will have to find someone willing to use it on anything. But hey, it's the toughest material in Rune-Midgard, it's gotta be useful, right?"; goto OnMenu; } } } } What Am I doing wrong? my head is just literally on fire right now, I dont even know what I'am doing anymore lol
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