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  1. bump for this.. here the sample of script.. what is the other solution how can i walk to that NPC //Safety Wall npcs 06guild_01,68,54,0 script SafetyWall#1 139,{ end; OnActivation: specialeffect 316; if([email protected][email protected]){ donpcevent "MC Geezer::OnRun"; end; } if([email protected]<[email protected]){ donpcevent "MC Geezer::OnNPCSetup"; end; } } 06guild_01,68,51,0 duplicate(SafetyWall#1) SafetyWall#2 139 06guild_01,68,48,0 duplicate(SafetyWall#1) SafetyWall#3 139 06guild_01,68,45,0 duplicate(SafetyWall#1) SafetyWall#4 139 06guild_01,66,54,0 duplicate(SafetyWall#1) SafetyWall#5 139 06guild_01,66,45,0 duplicate(SafetyWall#1) SafetyWall#6 139 06guild_01,64,64,0 duplicate(SafetyWall#1) SafetyWall#7 139
  2. Is there any workaround for that?
  3. Hi Guys, need assistance, this is regarding the issue I can't walk over that cell where a hidden npc was located. Thank in advance
  4. change this getitem .hpy_freebie[[email protected]],.hpy_freebie_amt[[email protected]]; into this getitembound .hpy_freebie[[email protected]],.hpy_freebie_amt[[email protected]],1; check this link below for more details about the itembound http://herc.ws/wiki/Getitembound
  5. can you help me guys, Emblem on the of a player is not showing in any GVG map. where i can check that? Thank you in advance
  6. announce "Ragnarok Online : We Have New Player Join Our Server. His Name [ "+strcharinfo(0)+" ]" + BaseLevel + " ] !!",bc_all; Hi Guys kindly help me on my script to announce the Job class of the character when announced Thank you in advance
  7. Thanks, would you mind what is the name of the plugin? oh i found it thank you so much i will try it out https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SamuelHercules/plugins/master/src/plugins/bindcmd.c
  8. do you know how can i add this in atcommand.c? below is made by AnnieRuru src/map/atcommand.c | 13 +++++++++++++ 1 file changed, 13 insertions(+)diff --git a/src/map/atcommand.c b/src/map/atcommand.cindex b5e8fa7..9da02ac 100644--- a/src/map/atcommand.c+++ b/src/map/[email protected]@ -9374,6 +9374,17 @@ static inline void atcmd_channel_help(int fd, const char *command, bool can_crea clif->message(fd,atcmd_output); return true; }++ACMD(world) {+ clif->message( fd, "Hello World !" );+ return true;+}++ACMD(sample) {+ clif->message( fd, "this is a sample." );+ return true;+}+ /** * Fills the reference of available commands in atcommand DBMap **/@@ -9384,6 +9395,8 @@ void atcommand_basecommands(void) { * Command reference list, place the base of your commands here **/ AtCommandInfo atcommand_base[] = {+ ACMD_DEF(world),+ ACMD_DEF(sample), ACMD_DEF2("warp", mapmove), ACMD_DEF(where), ACMD_DEF(jumpto),
  9. - script Eva Check -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd("@evacheck", strnpcinfo(3)+ "::OnCheck"); end; OnCheck: dispbottom "You currently have " +#CASHPOINTS+ " eva points"; end; } Hi Guys, how can i add this into groups.conf? so the players can view this @evacheck in their @commands
  10. announce "Ragnarok Online : We Have New Player Join Our Server. His Name [ "+strcharinfo(0)+" ] !!",bc_all; Hi Guys i have NPC script above announce the Charactername. anyone how to add also the Base Level in the announce? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Guys, can anyone rework this script to run in hercules https://rathena.org/board/topic/104825-quests-games-fixedslot-machine-bevarage-vending-machine-simulate-vending-machine-system/ this from rathena script vendingMachine.txt
  12. [Warning]: pc_bonus2: unknown type 2061 3 3! [Error]: --- failed assertion -------------------------------------------- [Error]: pc.c:3791: '0' in function `pc_bonus2' [Error]: ./map-server(assert_report+0x7a) [0x828767a] [Error]: ./map-server(pc_bonus2+0x34c) [0x819f35c] [Error]: ./map-server(buildin_bonus+0x3d2) [0x81b47c2] [Error]: ./map-server(run_func+0x114) [0x81e2ae4] [Error]: ./map-server(run_script_main+0x2ee) [0x81e526e] [Error]: ./map-server(script_run_use_script+0x45) [0x81e2945] [Error]: ./map-server(status_calc_pc_+0x2373) [0x8253193] [Error]: ./map-server(status_calc_bl_+0xb2) [0x8250552] [Error]: ./map-server(pc_reg_received+0x4df) [0x818bb4f] [Error]: ./map-server(intif_parse_Registers+0x2b3) [0x812b8f3] [Error]: --- end failed assertion ---------------------------------------- [Info]: mail load complete from DB - id: 150107 (total: 0) [Warning]: pc_bonus2: unknown type 2061 3 3! [Error]: --- failed assertion -------------------------------------------- [Error]: pc.c:3791: '0' in function `pc_bonus2' [Error]: ./map-server(assert_report+0x7a) [0x828767a] [Error]: ./map-server(pc_bonus2+0x34c) [0x819f35c] [Error]: ./map-server(buildin_bonus+0x3d2) [0x81b47c2] [Error]: ./map-server(run_func+0x114) [0x81e2ae4] [Error]: ./map-server(run_script_main+0x2ee) [0x81e526e] [Error]: ./map-server(script_run_use_script+0x45) [0x81e2945] [Error]: ./map-server(status_calc_pc_+0x2373) [0x8253193] [Error]: ./map-server(status_calc_bl_+0xb2) [0x8250552] [Error]: ./map-server(clif_parse_LoadEndAck+0x1022) [0x8101482] [Error]: ./map-server(clif_parse+0x199) [0x8118959] [Error]: --- end failed assertion ---------------------------------------- anyone help regaridng this error?
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