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  1. thanks, i'm going to test and give you feedback Edit: So, those are the problems I found: 1: Can only trigger a double attack if proc a crit first. as shown by the video below, if you have low / no critical rate, you won't activate a double attack. the expected behavior is that crit rate doesn't influence the chance of trigger a double attack, but whenever activating a DA, it should be a critical hit. 2: Being able to proc double attack with katar without sidewinder, it shouldn't be possible. Also when equipping a Sidewinder card, the double attack rate seems much lower than it should, probably because it reads as a level 1 skill.
  2. On official servers, DA and other skills can inflict critical damage, will it ever be fixed in Hercules? in rAthena it already works this way.
  3. nevermind, this issue has been fixed with the last revision
  4. the AI is acting weird, when I summon aggresive monsters they do not attack at all, except i'm exactly 1 cell away from them, but if I move away again, they don't chase after me. I'm using the lastest revision and did not make any changes on the monster config file.
  5. I know this might seem something that is often asked, but I haven't found anywhere a decent tutorial. I'm not asking anything ready to use, I want to learn how to make my own. What are all the necessary files, where do i get them, how do i make it to be compatible with the hexed client that i'm using?
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