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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Herc Community, Does anyone know whats the problem of my aura? here's the following scenario for you to try and replicate.. Prerequisite: Must show aura on level 255. custom or default aura will do. Client used: 20181121 + latest herc(clean and new download, no custom modifications) + clean Chris' data folder Step 1: Change job to Champion (assuming learned all skills) Step 2: use @evilclone to yourself (your evilclone should have aura also) Step 3: attack your clone. Step 4: check if aura is stacking if not, i think its my client/server files got corrupted. or Step 1: use @hide and attack dummy monster Step 2: check if aura is stacking or not. or Step 1: change job to assassin cross Step 2: use hide + grimtooth. Step 3: check if aura is stacking or not. Attached image is the sample of my bug/error. https://streamable.com/77ube3 Thanks!
  2. the AI is acting weird, when I summon aggresive monsters they do not attack at all, except i'm exactly 1 cell away from them, but if I move away again, they don't chase after me. I'm using the lastest revision and did not make any changes on the monster config file.
  3. Hey guys, so i've been trying to set item drop rate to 100 % but idk why its not working i had to go to Mobdb.conf and edit them to make them a 100% drop rate item my drops.conf also looks completely fine. Please help :)
  4. Does anyone know how to/have a fix for this weapon sprite bug? Thank you.
  5. We're having an issue with our Thor Patcher where every time I push a patch through it seems to re-patch an old version of a file, and just that one file. I have to make another patch afterwords with the correct version of the file and then everything is fine until I put in another patch, causing the client to error. We have 100+ patches could that cause it? Do I just need to remake the GRF? We're using version:
  6. bug on @disguise in 20150513? After I move (when disguised) once, and try to move again, the sprite stays on that location (other players can see my sprite moving though). Any thoughts?
  7. JoyRo

    Pure Soul BUG

    Hello All, Spell Pure Soul also called Meikyo Shishui is a Kagerou spell At level 5 this spell should heal you 10% every 1 seconds for 10 seconds. But some how this spell is doing only 50% of the chars hp. Is there a way to change this skill into 100% hp in 10 seconds. Where can i modify the spells. Meikyo Shisui (Skill ID# 3011, iRO Name: Pure Soul)
  8. Okay, I added this to my server so when I fakename, party and guild will be shown https://rathena.org/board/topic/60188-fakename-show-guildparty/ Now I couldnt invite any other players who names we faked. Any thoughts? It's saying 'The character is not currently online or does not exist'.
  9. Hello, I just started using hercules a few days ago, and I found a "bug" that crashes the server with AoE skills like -> pneuma -> sanctuary -> magnus exorcismus -> Storm gust -> Meteor storm -> almost any skills that uses an extended area effect I'm using hercules git with an up to date build without any 'extreme' configuration (only the normal files to adjust rates, drops, user commands and of course, making the server run). Please look the pics... Can someone help me? D: By the way, greetings community the first screens crashes when I use pneuma, the second when Margaretha uses pneuma and the third shows the error that pops. Btw: Sorry if your eyes are bleeding right now, english isn't my main language, but I really need help.
  10. Hi there, I need quick fix for this. if a champion lvl 99 sp = 415 if champion baselvl 98 sp = 658 anyone know how to fix it? git version b993924a4b5e82f3961d6b5a579c0204c9e36809 Ok, after i checked up, if you reach baselvl 99 your SP will deducted or lowered when u are on baselvl 98 all job having this issue. please help.
  11. Hello Folks, I have a problem with the donation on FLuxCP. I Setup everything its seems to work people donate i get emails i accept the payments but.. People dont recieve the Credits. Any solution?
  12. Hello all, I found out that the Bubble Gum script actually decreases the Hit points on using it. I believe it should not as it is the drop rate increase script which is implemented in that item. For reference code from mob.c is below : // Increase drop rate if user has SC_CASH_RECEIVEITEM if (sd && sd->sc.data[SC_CASH_RECEIVEITEM]) // now rig the drop rate to never be over 90% unless it is originally >90%. drop_rate = max(drop_rate,cap_value((int)(0.5+drop_rate*(sd->sc.data[SC_CASH_RECEIVEITEM]->val1)/100.),0,9000));
  13. Hi Guys, I setup a server recently and is now on beta-phase. One thing that we see as an issue is running ragnarok together with Windows 8.1. When we try to open the executable file for a player who is running on windows 8.1, nothing is coming up and there's no errors. The process is also not appearing in the task manager. All of my testers who are running on Windows 7 and below however, are not having any issues like this. What's unique is that, when he downloaded my lite installer, it was running fine however getting errors in game. So we advised our player to fully patch kRO and he did. After completely patching kRO, his nightmares follow. Here are the things that we've done in trying to make it run. 1.) Change compatibility of the executable file to winxp sp3, win 7, and other prior versions. 2.) Took ownership of the executable file and opensetup.exe to ensure settings are saved. 3.) Ran opensetup.exe as administrator and toggling through the resolution from full screen to lower. 4.) Tried different setup.exe file and toggled through every possible settings inside. 5.) Disabled antivirus and firewall. We also added it in the exception list of exe that shouldnt be blocked. 6.) Lowered UAC to the lowest possible option and added the executable file in DEP exception list. 7.) Downloaded 3 kRO clients, one is the 4/10/2012, 3/15,2015 and 10/08/2013 and patched it fully using the kRO lite patcher. 8.) Checked the logs of Windows 8 but it's not showing in the application error logs. I am totally out of ideas as to how to fix this. It has been a big discussion really how Windows 8 and the later versions work. I dont think that there is a problem with the ragnarok files as I've also had it working on a Virtual Setup of Windows 8.1. I am clueless if there is a setting that still needs to be changed in Windows 8 that would make ragnarok work. P.S. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. I apologize in advanced. Thanks, Ray
  14. I tried to spam desperado while I'm surrounded by enemies, but it barely hits. I casted 10 times, it only hit once. Any thoughts?
  15. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm new around here then if I'm posting this in the wrong area, excuse me! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guys I'm doing a server with a friend to be a project of our vacation. He take care of the part "server" (because he knows much more than me) and I take care of the part "client". Its all right in these procedures: -We redefine the IP in cientinfo with the connecting IP that he created. -And then we established a connection via putty. Then when I start the client that I made using the nemomaster, it opens normally and appears the white square with the server name to select (in this case, our server's name). But when I press enter to continue and go to the login and password window, the client closes. Does anyone know the reason?
  16. ~ I did not really know if i should post this here or the Database section, But i assumed that fixing the skills require some src edits that are far beyond my knowledge. If anyone can help me out with any of these, Its really much appreciated <3 Job Skills Homunculus Skills
  17. Buenas, disculpen si esto esta respondido pero no encontre un post igual resusta que mi server volvio de un cierre y al ponerlo denuevo on encontre un "error" no se pueden equipar cartas en los escudos (las demas si funcionan bien) e buscando por varios lados como solucionar esto y no me sale nada el cliente lo actualizamos del 2012 al 2013 para asi poder tener rebellion, si me pudieran ayudar con eso se los agradeceria mucho soy admin nuevo y estaria 10/10 si me explicaran con pasos :T
  18. Hello, i have this error, can you help me? ^^ I will be grateful I make my patcher using ROLOADER (i can log in only with my hexed) but, the patcher doesn't works, i dont know what to do.. The error shows "??????" in progess bar, and the "Start" doesn't works. ‚Äč
  19. Slicer


    Hi guys, I have a problem in the emulator, some items placed in storage player are disappearing. The strange thing is that I can see the item in the data-base server, but the player does not have access to this item, one of the most common items that are disappearing are the fruits of yggdrasil, but also to Custons items are disappearing. someone knows this problem and could help me? I am very grateful right now!
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