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  1. Hello, I'd like to report this:I sent the payment for a webdesign on the 19th of May, after then he's always delayed the work and has ignored me 99% of the time. After more than 1 month I HAVEN'T RECEIVED ANY UPDATE. I wrote him, called him: no answers. So refrain from hiring him. @Rahul Dev
  2. She's definitely the best designer out there. I'm really satisfied with her work and I'd recommend her to anyone who wants a new website. 11/10 *dickpick*
  3. Dio


    Yep, but it seems there are still some fixes to do! I'd like something which doesn't have any error and has a clean code >.<
  4. I am willing to pay a developer who can implement successfully this command without any error. It's a good offer. I'm pretty sure you'll find this interesting. Please contact me for further info.
  5. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate section, in case it's the wrong one I apologise. However I've been out of the RO scene for a while, enough to realise that rAmod is dead so... is there a chance to have @joinbg perfectly working in Hercules? and oh, I'm planning to open a pre-re server. Would you suggest me to use Herc? Thanks in advance!
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