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  1. Please tell me how to deal with this??? The drivers are the newest. Windows 10. In open setup, I put all 4 options, all the same. Megadata (2018 update) + 20180620e client + latest translation. The output is this, basically when an object falls out, there is such a distortion of the graphics. It happens cho from just blows
  2. Good day midgard! Please tell me what kind of attack is this? This happens during combat when I drop loot or item:
  3. And let me ask you a second question! Is it possible to make it so that all the mechanics were Renewal (NPCs, Mechanics, etc.) but this window was Pre-Renewal?
  4. When used: //#define RENEWAL /// leave this line to enable renewal specific support such as renewal formulas You are giving the following error, please tell me how to fix it
  5. I did not write to the form because I did not find the section for my question. Tell me please, I downloaded the latest hercules emulator, but when compiling, it gives a lot of errors! (I'm attaching a photo) I can't figure out on my own what I'm doing wrong!!! I ask for your help!! Visual Studio 2019 compiler. Previously, everything worked well and compiled without problems, but now most likely I'm doing something wrong!
  6. sotA

    New char Box's

    Good day, dear members of the forum! Please help solve the logistics. I want to make the initial sets fall out of these boxes. Swordman, Mage, Acolyte, Archer, Merchant, Thief. They are given at the beginning of the game, but when one box was opened, the rest disappeared?
  7. I figured it out, thank you very much for your help!
  8. Can you please tell me how to use this visual refiner ??? For the third day I can't figure out how to enable graphical enhancement.
  9. Good day! Dear forum users! Please tell me which files SRC, DB, CONF, etc. are responsible for this status window? I want the status window to show me the PRE-RE statistic formulas when using the RENEWAL mechanic. I have thrown item_db from pre-re to re. item_db displays equip (def, hit, flee) ok. But the Renewal mechanics themselves display overestimated values. from here the question! Please tell me which files SRC, DB, CONF, etc. are responsible for this status window?
  10. Good day! Guys, tell me please !!! I want to add bone-like things such as wings and so on, but if I understood correctly the Custom_Garment setting is removed, only TOP, MID, LOW are left ... But on these poses things are not displayed correctly! But if I translate the subject to Loc: "EQP_COSTUME_HEAD_LOW" Then the item is displayed like this !!!! Help, I ask you to solve the issue, if I understood the server correctly, the "EQP_COSTUME_GARMENT" setting was cut...
  11. Good day! Please tell me. Added wings to the server everything is fine everything is working everything is displayed but it is not displayed correctly! How can this be fixed?
  12. ragnarok online 12.1 episode give me please!!!
  13. Hi all people! About the Adrenaline Rush skill. Can I make it immune to Dispel and Quagmire? If so, how?
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