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  1. Hi, hercules got attack by spammer thats why haru must reset password all account hercules user you can ask to haru about it
  2. how player leave the map with npc or usable or by command? maybe you can give check every certain time if player still on the right map will continue the script but if not will stop the timer or variable
  3. amazing feature thankks keep it up question : this feature need new client 2022 ?
  4. but you can spawn different monster same label you dont need 100 OnMyMobDead if you want to spawn 100 different mob for next issue use this script command to get .@x and .@y for monster *getmapxy("<variable for map name>", <variable for x>, <variable for y>, <type>{, "<search parameter>"}) This function will locate a character object, NPC object or pet's coordinates and place their coordinates into the variables specified when calling it. It will return 0 if the search was successful, and -1 if the parameters given were not variables or the search was not successful. Type is the type of object to search for: UNITTYPE_PC - Character object UNITTYPE_NPC - NPC object UNITTYPE_PET - Pet object UNITTYPE_MOB - Monster object UNITTYPE_HOM - Homunculus object UNITTYPE_MER - Mercenary object UNITTYPE_ELEM - Elemental object
  5. what goal do you want maybe you can change drop mob via script command use this *makeitem(<item id>, <amount>, "<map name>", <x>, <y> {,<showdropeffect>}) *makeitem("<item name>", <amount>, "<map name>", <x>, <y>) This command will create an item lying around on a specified map in the specified location. item id/name - Found in 'db/(pre-)re/item_db.conf' amount - Amount you want produced map name - The map name y - The x coordinate y - The y coordinate. showdropeffect - enable pillar effect on the dropped item (default: 0)
  6. just question this system like rathena use webserver too?
  7. I mean other RO too, like TWRO, JRO, BRO, SGMYPHRO
  8. when you want to give all effect when someone getitem from npc just use getunits to get all char ID on map do you want and then give all them specialeffect See on Script_command.txt and search function getunits
  9. using OnPCLoadMapEvent and then do you script to give special effect dont forget to give mapflag Loadevent on map do you want to show the effect
  10. as you can see on the function megaphone can't use by job Novice
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