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  1. just question this system like rathena use webserver too?
  2. I mean other RO too, like TWRO, JRO, BRO, SGMYPHRO
  3. when you want to give all effect when someone getitem from npc just use getunits to get all char ID on map do you want and then give all them specialeffect See on Script_command.txt and search function getunits
  4. using OnPCLoadMapEvent and then do you script to give special effect dont forget to give mapflag Loadevent on map do you want to show the effect
  5. as you can see on the function megaphone can't use by job Novice
  6. Not bad I hope another poeple will join for this funding
  7. annie please update this plugin
  8. btw better use default client version from Herc.ws, Coz Herc doesnt suupport Web server for Emblem Guild
  9. Its Sprite? i think you can make it by your self just use template Begginer Hat and you make the new one with PSD
  10. Tokei Said to me he wont support SDE for Hercules anymore
  11. what it is? who build this ? can u share any PSRO use thats GG?
  12. how many poeple already join this funding?
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