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  1. Honestly if I can just find out where to look for it that would help too, been trying to find it via hex editor but so far nothing has worked. I am trying to add custom monster sprites that have white names and can't be clicked like normal mobs. This is how mercenaries, pets and homunculus work. The problem is there used to be a patch for this but it doesn't work on clients later than 2017, some kind of LUA error. I don't even need the full breadth of that patch just to extend the ID's from ~6052 to 7000. Any ideas?
  2. khalint

    Nemo patcher

    Would it be possible to get the "Enable Custom Homunculus" patch working? I don't know what parts don't work but just extending the ID range from 6052 to 7000 would be extremely helpful! I have custom support monsters but using normal sprites they can be clicked on like normal monsters which is annoying. As a mercenary sprite they have white names and you can't accidentally click them when fighting monsters.
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