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  1. try 2022-04-06 client http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/#2022 http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/2022-04-06_Ragexe_1648707856/
  2. ExternalSettings file is wrong. It can be different for different client versions
  3. from server side changed mysql blob field size with emblem. Now image can be much bigger.
  4. this error mean you apply not all db updates. in this pack it probably missing, better install server from scratch
  5. this look like out of memory issue (out of ram) try close other programs what eating memory or increase memory in your system
  6. dont copy files from windows. windows corrupting files. simpler clone repository on linux than fixing all errors what you get from windows.
  7. you mixed mysql configuration and compilation into one program after you ends with mysql, need exit mysql command line tool.
  8. 39141 is not version, but look like some random number? commits with this not exists missing. If you using this id from svn emulation, it really random number and mean nothing. You can see version at start hercules. it show date with number after it like this Try disable plugins, and may be it will fix your drops
  9. 4144

    Nemo patcher

  10. yes search not added yet. you can see old topic. progress still on same step
  11. yes sorry i mean party leader. you snipped look like for old clients only For newer clients here also AssistAddr = "" you can check is http things works by set guild emblems or emotes alt+m server should save/load this emotes. Also if requests going to api server, then you should look in console http requests to different urls.
  12. Only guild master should be allowed register here. what port you configured in external settings file? If port same with hercules api server port?
  13. And api-server merged. Now it's part of hercules.
  14. I created pull request with api-server code https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/3198
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