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  1. may be issue with packet id encryption? Try enable it on both server and client. Or disable encryption on both server and client.
  2. on first screen you not wait until script complete. because this is you not get error and not get exe downloaded on second screen for some reason you run script from c:\windows\system32 but without admin rights. file downloaded but not saved because you not had rights. so again. read instructions and run downloader. and wait some minutes.
  3. this is only one mirror error. but here should be atleast 3 mirrors. You should wait some minutes
  4. you probably doing something wrong. Try follow instructions
  5. in hercules in configure enable epoll. in system settings if need increase connections count. default limit may works too. Also don't use centos 7. It was released 20 years ago. It very outdated.
  6. .hpp files is C++ code but hercules not using C++ at all. This mean you probably looking in wrong emulator
  7. version need too. need add this flag atleast --enable-packetver-sak
  8. this error mean you selected packet version missing in selected server type. try select sak clients type, and it should works. ./configure --enable-packetver-sak
  9. what packet version you using?
  10. 4144

    Nemo patcher

  11. idk stable or not, but packets can be tracked for 2012-07-10 and newer For any older clients than 2012-07-10 packets may works or may not. all depend is this client was tested by devs in past.
  12. if 2018 commits can works latest should be too But anyway in older or newer hercules you may have issues. Because for clients older than 2012 no shuffle packets can be extracted. This mean some packets can be outdated or not working. If you want old client with normal packets use 2012-07-10 or newer clients.
  13. why you want use very old version? why not use latest?
  14. you can ignore error about clock source. on your host look like no other clock sources your server look like not started because something wrong. on arm you must disable memory manager, it enabled by default. need use atleast this ./configure --disable-manager then make
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