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  1. after sprintf, add aFree(item_name); and why memcpy? server may crash if name too short. probably better strncpy or safestrncpy
  2. i not remember how packages named in homebrew, but may be need install pcre-dev or pcre-development or pcre2-dev or pcre2-development or something similar? if it installed probably issue somewhere in paths. try search error about pcre in config.log
  3. was no progress and no donations
  4. again. in externalsettings file disable doram. you will get image on doram place. replace comingsoon image to your custom image. done. or you want something else?
  5. replace image with your custom image. i not remember file name, but something with doram in name or comingsoon
  6. if you want disable doram, simply disable it in externalsettings file Search in this file for word doram
  7. it adding missing features to emulator yes, this is like rathena. but it works different, this mean not like rathena. rathena server very basic and it cant do anything except some http handlers. alternative rathena server integrated to probably map server, this is not the best solution too.
  8. Some progress update. Complete things: Add support for gif guild emblems. Add support for emblems bigger than 64k bytes. Add shared configs support between login/char/map/api. Add configuration with default emotes for new chars.
  9. newest official full client only this http://rofull.gnjoy.com/RAG_SETUP_220307.exe official updater inside it. ro patcher for RE will not works here. Re clients now very old, here only main client used. Also you cant use exe from this client because it packed, but you can get latest unpacked exe for money...
  10. see expanded barter shops and see help for script command sellitemcurrency: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/doc/script_commands.txt#L10450 some examples here: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/npc/custom/expandedbartershop.txt this is for refine. cards look like not allowed
  11. Some update on project. now also implemented extend plugins support for inter server packets. add support for api to login, char, map packets. protection against different attacks on servers. sample http plugin.
  12. client not supporting show players count anymore. you can change emulator to add count in server name, but this may create issue for other client features, because server name must be correct and without garbage like users count. Also smooth is bad translation. it should say something like "normal". for configuration for colors see config file login-server.conf option users_count
  13. i will probably add some links to other clients in next updates but many ro not have versioned client packs. they can give only latest full clients.
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