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  1. How to change the zeny gain from MVP Boss?
  2. Anyone here who can help me in changing this to player count (0) Hercules instead of Smooth Hercules Thank you
  3. Anyone here who can teach me how to add a player peak in my website? Thank you.
  4. I'm using annieruru's battleground script http://upaste.me/ab3022385d0127b7f and everytime I click the NPC this appears. How to fix? Thank you very much.
  5. In my other machine, I'm not having any problem with compilation using Visual Studio 2017.
  6. I am using a different computer and want to create a new test server but I'm having a problem when opening Hercules-14.sln using Visual Studio 2017 Please see the attached image. Thank you in advance for the help.
  7. Hi. I want to inquire with your scripting service. Can you pm me?

  8. Fixed by re-installing the database thank you sir Dastgir and 4144.
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