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  1. Upload to preview file, thanks npc_event_tiamat_main.sc npc_event_tiamat_monster.sc
  2. Hello, Hercules. I maked jRO event script 'Corridor of Abyss - Tiamat Castle War' is done. But it can't be run with Hercules. Are there any supporters who can convert Auriga script coding format to Hercules coding? Auriga is a jathena made in Japan. thx😀
  3. refis

    packet capture MARiA

    hmm... I still have a lot of packet crashes. Help me improve.
  4. refis

    packet capture MARiA

    push github: https://github.com/refis/MARiA
  5. packet capture tool for official npc message, effect, pos, and monstar battle log. create official script support(ex. input long long message...) Ill tested in jRO and iRO //jRO charserver_port: 6121 prontera_port: 5121 //iRO charserver_port: 4500 prontera_port: 4511 map_port: 4512 //iRO Transcendence charserver_port: 4500 prontera_port: 4502 map_port: 4501 url jRO iRO
  6. Hello, Hercules:) I make rockridge town script, but jRO official dialog it. and script format is Auriga emulator coding. Many incomplete... Please support me trancelate and hercules coding fix. Thx *These scripts are created by packet capture, and the pos, dir, viewid, dialog, etc of captured jRO.npc sorted of unitid. **LINK** https://github.com/refis/ScriptDustbox/blob/master/Auriga/town/npc_town_rockridge.sc
  7. hay, hercules. This file will automatically generate necessary information for itemInfo.lub from GRF and generate it.(ex. jRO) But, there is a possibility that a bug exists in this file, It contains source code for this fix and you can freely modify the code. sory, google translation text...im not good at English... gii_project.zip
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