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  1. I did not do much research before contacting Daifuku as I was in a kind of a hurry, but in a matter of hours after she took my request, I realized that I am a very lucky person to have contacted her and indeed I was as she kept impressing me with her amazing service every step of the way. The first thing that impressed me was her speed, after she took all the details of my request and asked valid questions to understand exactly what I required, she came back with a first sample in like a couple of hours! What I expected would take a few days at least, actually was finished in a couple hours! I was like wow! and when I opened the file, my wow became a woooooow! The design was really wonderful and it did not stop here! Soon after that I learned that Daifuku is not only a super creative and a great designer, but also a truly good person! Even when I said that the work is good, she asked again, she wanted me to be 100% sure and encouraged me to ask for any changes or anything saying that she doesn't mind doing them-- She did her part, yet still cared about her client's complete satisfaction. You will not find that just anywhere, so think carefully before picking someone else. When I look back at the experience as a whole, I see that I had Daifuku's complete and undivided attention, she kept updating me of the progress multiple times a day, even with minor things like when she's taking a short break and that did not stop until the work was done! She is 100% reliable and probably the best there is. I hope this helps others also find the right person to get their design requests done as I did, find Daifuku! You will not regret it, promise!
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