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  1. Now i see that i can select then at nemo, but the buttons are not hiding in game.... with MStr3am file: http://prntscr.com/n4wy3t @4144 can you fix that for my hexed? or just send the line here if you know how to fix and i paste it, maybe just the map button to hide is fine, cuz i'll replace all the maps from 0 and remove World Map thankss
  2. Hi to all, i'm having issue with Nemo, i'm using latest one by @4144 Hexed : 2014-03-05b everything is ok but the Hide Map Button / Hide Quest Button, i need at least to hide the map button, i already disable the world map.... can someone help with this? Edit: Solved i copy the new HideButton.qs from github thanks! https://github.com/MStr3am/NEMO/blob/df6da1542f2ef14be671b07a472ef2933ade2fc9/Patches/HideButton.qs
  3. this is very nice, but this will be on fixed locations.... is there anyway for: case 1: /memo location 1 case 2: /memo location 2 case 3: /memo location 3 of skill AL_Warp? so ppl can choose where to go not just fixed warps
  4. so can i use 20180621 packetver, with no bugs? anyway what's the difference of 2018-06-21 aRagexe and 2018-06-21 aRagexeRE can someone explain ?
  5. Hi guys, can someone tell me with packet/client is the most stable for now? with no bugs i don't need all the newest things just a stable one, i'm migrating to hercules emulator ! thank you all!
  6. yea but can't remove quest and map button using nemo 3.0
  7. yea got a solution for that, i dont care about weapons... anyway, is possible to see the exp bar for Job level after 50? is possible to show the exp bar until player reach Job level 150~200? and do you know where do i go to change/remove those UI buttons? thanks !
  8. You can close this topic, i found something for now, "Equip: changebase Job_Xmas;" "UnEquip: changebase Class;" and so.... and for mounts i just changed my data.grf sprites to jRO data.grf sprites and fix it. i'll try that sprite and act editor thank you for help !!!
  9. manner system is PK system at conf/misc.conf is there any script to activate a "option effect" when people PK? i can use this with OnPCKill to activate option?
  10. Hi guys, i'm here to make a request if its possible I need a visual item at shoes slot that make character float a little and increase speed by some %, also need to know if is possible to add Visual option to manner PK system, when ppl kill someone it show Option i choose! thank you !
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