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  1. *savepoint("<map name>", <x>, <y>) This command saves where the invoking character will return to upon 'return to save point', if dead or in some other cases. The two versions are equivalent. Map name, X coordinate and Y coordinate should be perfectly obvious. This ignores any and all map flags, and can make a character respawn where no teleportation is otherwise possible. savepoint("place", 350, 75); By using savepoint on the script, one can set up a logic of having the spawn point being map 'A' during a session of the event, and having a trigger to change it to map 'B' if another event happened. Can tweak it to your use case, for example setting Prontera as savepoint once landing or being warped to the pvp map.
  2. I use the following: function script funCopyInstanceMaps { // Given instance name, and a reference to an Array, // copy the array of maps to this new array. .@instance_name$ = getarg(0); .@which_maps$ = "$@maps_this_run_" + .@instance_name$ + "$"; .@map_count = getarraysize(getd(.@which_maps$)); copyarray(getarg(1), getd(.@which_maps$), .@map_count); return; } Should be similar to your case. Usage of copyarray is documented in the script_commands.txt and there are examples on samples folder. Should work in your case with some tweaking for your situation, I suppose? Can have guard clauses on the amount of data to copy if desired. I have getarg(1) as argument on copyarray because this is the variable I want to store the copy of the array by using getd on variable I'm obtaining dynamically on the string written in .@which_maps$.
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