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  1. I use the following: function script funCopyInstanceMaps { // Given instance name, and a reference to an Array, // copy the array of maps to this new array. .@instance_name$ = getarg(0); .@which_maps$ = "$@maps_this_run_" + .@instance_name$ + "$"; .@map_count = getarraysize(getd(.@which_maps$)); copyarray(getarg(1), getd(.@which_maps$), .@map_count); return; } Should be similar to your case. Usage of copyarray is documented in the script_commands.txt and there are examples on samples folder. Should work in your case with some tweaking for your situation, I suppose? Can have guard clauses on the amount of data to copy if desired. I have getarg(1) as argument on copyarray because this is the variable I want to store the copy of the array by using getd on variable I'm obtaining dynamically on the string written in .@which_maps$.
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