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  1. bWolfieh! I was wondering if you could share the missing fuctions on your Rotated Headgears for WOE SHOP?


    This is quite interesting though.

    Thank you Wolfieh!

  2. Thanks for the responses. I don't know why I use memcpy, not so advanced on coding. I just copied an existing structure I found in source code. I used safestrncpy in new version and no leaks. char item_name[ITEM_NAME_LENGTH], output[100]; safestrncpy(item_name, i_data->jname, ITEM_NAME_LENGTH); sprintf(output, "Retrieved %d '%s' from storage.", i, item_name);
  3. I made this command to retrieve all of an item from storage. This line char *item_name =(char *)aMalloc(ITEM_NAME_LENGTH*sizeof(char)); causes memory leak. How to fix it? struct item_data *i_data = itemdb->exists(nameid); if (i_data == NULL) { clif->message(fd, "Invalid Item ID."); return false; } char *item_name =(char *)aMalloc(ITEM_NAME_LENGTH*sizeof(char)); memcpy(item_name, i_data->jname, ITEM_NAME_LENGTH); char output[100]; sprintf(output, "Retrieved %d '%s' from storage.", i, item_name);
  4. Thanks helped solve my problem. Use skill id 900-1000 for custom skills.
  5. See /doc/sample/npc_trader_sample.txt and NPC related script commands: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/doc/script_commands.txt#L10462
  6. How do you define CUSTOM_SKILL_RANGES? Can't work it out. No documentation available still. Whenever I make changes to skill_idx_ranges[] it causes everything from { GD_APPROVAL, GD_DEVELOPMENT }, to break. Edit: It seems that the skill id must be listed in order. I was using skill id below 10000, but listed after. This means all custom skill must be of more than GD_DEVELOPMENT, otherwise CUSTOM_SKILL_RANGES will cause issues.
  7. maybe some graphics editing and client hex.
  8. @meko Do you know how to create a function similar to sort/rsort, but it won't move a certain nth array? E.g. #1, I have this array setarray(.@Array, 4000, 3, 4001, 7, 4002, 1, 4003, 10, 4004, 0, 4005, 2); Then I want to sort it so the left numbers (4000-4005) change position with the right no. E.g. #2, now going to sort in ascending order. 4004, 0, 4002, 1, 4005, 2, 4000, 3, 4001, 7, 4003, 10, As you can see, it only sorted every 2nd array, but it moved the preceding array with it. Idk how to explain this. I think "anchor" would be the correct term. Value n determines how many values are anchored to the first array index before we sort by a new anchor. Hope it makes sense and hoping you can help me out. Thanks.
  9. sorry i dont have time to update this
  10. So I have a NPC script which uses disablenpc() on a timer. Players are able to interact with the NPC while it is active. The NPC uses mes(). If a player is talking to the NPC while the disablenpc() is triggered, the will become stuck on the mes() screen, and will need to logout or warp away using @load or something similar to get out of it. My query: When disablenpc() is triggered, how can I send close() to everyone currently talking to that NPC? (sorry haven't updated my source for a bit, this may already exist in new versions)
  11. happy hour is when badge amount reward increases when won within that hour.
  12. Yes it's possible but takes some work to configure. I have them configured with Kubix's BG release from 2016. I'm not familiar with eBG so I can't help you. That's quite hard cause firstly you need a mapper who has played the mode before and secondly a scripter who knows the ins and outs of it too.
  13. Been around for some years now. I first saw it on one of those Russian servers. Never seen any piece of code or the like regarding it, so personally have no idea how it works. From my experience, they were all terrible. Logging in regularly and not using one of "proxy server"s as they are known always proved best for me. But it may have also had something to do with the fact I live in New Zealand and the destination server was in Russia. This was also 4-5 years ago, so technology probably improved in that time. IMO, until proven otherwise, they are vanity features and are only good as marketing tools. They may help a niche group though.
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