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  1. Hello, I'm the GM and owner of one of the biggest low-rate servers in the field, and I'm looking for skilled developers. Specifically, I'm looking for a developer with substantial experience in the Hercules emulator, C, and PHP. If you have expertise solely in Hercules, that's fine, but you need to be exceptionally strong. Being part of the Hercules developer team would be a significant plus. You'll work on a daily basis, either part-time or full-time, as we decide together. Your daily tasks will include fixing existing bugs and developing new features on the server side. We might mix in some web development, but your primary focus will be on the emulator. We have a comprehensive list of tasks, all documented and prioritized. You will have access to our GM team to discuss everything and ask questions as needed. Compensation will be discussed based on responsibilities. We are likely capable of hiring multiple developers. Send me a DM here with information about yourself and your contact details, like Discord. I will respond quickly. All candidates will be reviewed by our team.
  2. Anyone can Help me with PW integration, I can't setup pingback
  3. I am currently facing a significant issue on my server, which involves both rogue and stalkers with skill Plagiarism. Example: The problem arises when a Stalker with a level 10 Double Strafe skill plagiarizes a level 5 Double Strafe skill. The level 5 skill replaces the original level 10 skill. However, the copied skill does not appear in the appropriate tab. Furthermore, if the Stalker undergoes a skill reset or plagiarizes another skill, the Double Strafe skill completely disappears, resetting to level 0 and causing the Stalker to lose skill points. It's important to note that there are no modifications made to this section of the script. Here is the relevant part of the script for reference: int cidx, idx, lv = 0; cidx = skill->get_index(copy_skill); switch(can_copy(tsd, copy_skill)) { case 1: // Plagiarism { if (tsd->cloneskill_id) { idx = skill->get_index(tsd->cloneskill_id); if (tsd->status.skill[idx].flag == SKILL_FLAG_PLAGIARIZED) { tsd->status.skill[idx].id = 0; tsd->status.skill[idx].lv = 0; tsd->status.skill[idx].flag = 0; clif->deleteskill(tsd, tsd->cloneskill_id); } } lv = min(skill_lv, pc->checkskill(tsd, RG_PLAGIARISM)); tsd->cloneskill_id = copy_skill; pc_setglobalreg(tsd, script->add_variable("CLONE_SKILL"), copy_skill); pc_setglobalreg(tsd, script->add_variable("CLONE_SKILL_LV"), lv); tsd->status.skill[cidx].id = copy_skill; tsd->status.skill[cidx].lv = lv; tsd->status.skill[cidx].flag = SKILL_FLAG_PLAGIARIZED; clif->addskill(tsd, copy_skill); } Do you have any suggestions or potential solutions for this issue? I am willing to compensate anyone who can provide a fix for it.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm looking for someone who can help with core modification. I need to increase HP/SP regeneration only when sitting with some restrictions. (see attachments) Also, I need some configs for it, so I can change it anytime I want. Discord: Privettema#2016 Thank you!
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