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  1. Yes I already extended my client's viewID to 5000. And my item 10900 is using ClassNum = 1890 [10900] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Wings", unidentifiedResourceName = "Nice_Wings", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "Unknown Item, can be identified by using a ^6666CCMagnifier^000000." }, identifiedDisplayName = "Nice Wings", identifiedResourceName = "Nice_Wings", identifiedDescriptionName = { "...", "Jobs:^6666CC All^000000" }, slotCount = 1, ClassNum = 1890 }, #accessoryid.lub ACCESSORY_Nice_Wings = 1890, #accname.lub [ACCESSORY_IDs.ACCESSORY_Nice_Wings] = "_Nice_Wings", Anyway, weird thing is if I switch it into another ID like `29991`, it shows the item slots... There could be some sort of filter that somehow treats this 10,000+ ids into pet items.. I noticed pet items starts from 10001
  2. If I change the id to something else outside 10900~10999, it shows the slot. However ita an option for me anymore right now
  3. Hello, I've added my custom items starting from ID 10900, However I just noticed that all item IDs 10900 ~ 10999 won't show slot count on client side... Any help on this? ( I think the client is treating the ID as pet item?) itemInfo.lua: [10900] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Helmet", ... slotCount = 1, ... },
  4. Bringing back the good-old super-high-rate classic rock. No automated events, no mindless grinding, No overpowered donates, No weird server-specific learning curves. 95% Vanilla. Highly focused on MvP hunts, PvP and weekly WoE. # INFO - Pre-renewal with Renewal Feats - Max Level: 999/70 - Exp Rate: 100k / 10k - Item Drop: 2k / 2k / 1k - Card Drop: 3% / 1% MVP - Max ASPD: 195 - Transcendent Second Class - Expanded Classes - Ninja, GS, SL, SG # FEATURES - Warper: Town, Dungeon, Agit - MVP Warper - Basic MVPs - Job Master, Healer, Card Remover - Platinum Skill NPC, Reset NPC - Job Swap, Quest Wings and Headgears - Hundreds of Clothes and Hair Dyes # COMMANDS @go, @autoloot, @die, @autotrade, @mobsearch # Website https://krakenro.com/ # Register https://cpanel.krakenro.com/register
  5. I want to have an item that disables player from using skill and normal attacks for period time (like being 90% overweight) when used.. How to do it?
  6. tried, DIDN'T work lan_subnets: ( "",
  7. I managed to get it working on my local machine. However, when i ported out on live server, I cannot connect to char server(maybe). After login and server select it just loads for a while and failed to connect. Server logs says Closed connection from (IP).. Here's my conf files: char-server.conf // Login Server IP login_ip: "" //bind_ip: "" // Login Server Port login_port: 6900 // Character Server IP char_ip: "SERVER.PUBLIC.IP.HERE" map-server.conf // Character Server IP char_ip: "" // The map server listens on the interface with this IP address. // NOTE: This allows you to run multiple servers on multiple interfaces // while using the same ports for each server. //bind_ip: "" // Character Server Port char_port: 6121 // Map Server IP map_ip: "SERVER.PUBLIC.IP.HERE" network.conf lan_subnets: ( "", // "", ) allowed: ( //"", "", ) trusted: ( "", ) Anything wrong with this configuration for live server? error log from server: [Notice]: Authentication accepted (account: test, id: 2000000, ip: MY.PC.WITH.MY.RAGNAROK.IP) [Status]: Connection of the account 'test' accepted. [Info]: Closed connection from 'MY.PC.WITH.MY.RAGNAROK.IP'
  8. Yes recompiled. Weird thing is the client provided here is still working fine even i alrdy changed the packetver.. there should be no issue on the network as i can connect without problem with the client provided here.
  9. Yeh, just freezes then dc.. I already matched the mmo.h to my ragexe.. I even used 1 from your tutorial `2018-06-20eRagexeRE` : `#define PACKETVER 20180620`.. And `#define ENABLE_PACKETVER_RE` un-commented..
  10. @Chatterboy ok if I patch the "patched" client provided in this post, The "Custom Window Title" gives error "Failed at step 1".. any idea why is this?. I tried patching a fresh one my own (using this: http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/2018-04-18bRagexeRE/, assuming its the exact same as one provided here). But it can't go through after server selection (after Smooth ServerName, right before character selection). Don't know what really the problem is.
  11. OMG! I just need to download the nemo from here: http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/.. For some reason I got couple of nemo versions but this forum all v2.6 but all fucked up.. thanks a lot!
  12. Nothing is working for 2018-04-18 clients (http://nemo.herc.ws/clients/2018-04-18aRagexe/ or http://nemo.herc.ws/clients/2018-04-18bRagexeRE/)... "Select Recommended" just floods with errors.. Any help?
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