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  1. I'm Ukranian in Ukraine. Russia begun war against my country, and doing right now genocide. Destroying cities, even mine own, killing thousands of people, civil people, burn to the ground cities. If you wish to support me in this hard time (I will try to re-route money for people who I know to support them under this awful conditions). You can make a donation by the link: https://nowpayments.io/donate/anacondaq (crypto)
    Alternatively, you can send money to Ukraine: https://www.comebackalive.in.ua/ 


    I've spent almost decade to provide free help, free support, free developments, free answers, free packages to all of you. This is very interesting time personally for me, to see: are there still people on this planet, or only silent shells?


  2. Update v2022 with 4th jobs, 17.2 episode. Introduction: This is a huge upgrade of the RO offline pack. Exclusive. Why? Simply because there is a lot of work, and thanks to all people who contributed to this project. First of all, you can try just right now ALL 4th jobs, their skills, mechanics, and commands developed for 4th jobs. Second: you can try to test 17.1, 17.2 episodes, instances, or even improve it. (it's pretty unstable but usable). Third: this content NOT exist yet in official emulators, as far as I know. Important note: Dear friends, I have been volunteering for more than a decade for *Athena. I've never asked for donations or any help, and for many years did support newbies, and not only around the RO community. But this time is critical for me, and I need your help, and you're my last hope. If you can donate, please do it. I've never asked for that before, but this time I'm asking directly: dear friends, please help me. Long story short: covid + depression + other problems = extremely critical condition that can be solved with your help. I apologize for that. I have almost no hope anymore. Changelog for v2022: 1. Added extra emulator with 4th jobs (complete translation, skill mechanics, etc.). 2. Added 16.2, 17.1, 17.2 episodes (quests, instances, mobs, drops, etc.) 3. Upgraded Hercules & rAthena to latest versions 4. New game client just for 4th job client. Compatible only with 4th job emulator. 5. Known issues with 4th jobs: the game window can free when you create a new character. Just close the window and try to log in again. This is a known bug. Also: I did not test content well here. It's raw but at least good fundament for doing your projects. 6. OpenServer replaced by Laragon because laragon is less problematic, total size less, works faster, and better. 7. All emulators upgraded to the latest versions. Clients for Hercules & rAthena pretty stable (2019 ones). 8. The game client for the 4th job (20211111) is not stable but playable. Download Links (4.5GB) - https://k00.fr/oxcge98v - https://filen.io/activate/92ec03a7d768ec8cd0de66a9d2bbaef1 - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NKzHYH4o2KUMxR5yFeVxV6iKkD11MLSr?usp=sharing Donation Credentials: (paypal / creditcard): Donate Paypal - Bitcoin (BTC): bc1q6q470sk54hgjxthnpknfsunk0uxegyczy3m9fn - Etherium (ETH): 0x36E784BFC7b898Cfd711199C696b5F031C095AF1 - USDT (ETH): 0x36E784BFC7b898Cfd711199C696b5F031C095AF1 - LTC: LbXrdmabzhgRrA4s3Yr6au9Vqcn9uvPAB6 Our Discord: https://discord.gg/p2kvabm
  3. Sorry guys, I'm rarely answer here now. Most of the people talk in discord (link you can find in readme.txt)
  4. Built from a scratch new version of RO Offline Pack. Contains both emulators, both mechanics (x4). Latest 2020-04-01Ragexe. Latest OSPanel, with latest MySQL, emulator files, and all updates. Re-uploaded to all mirrors on the front page. Current version: 2021 April 10.
  5. @buchachi11 I don't know why you mentioned the RO offline pack here. But I want to admit that basic principle the same and on Linux and Windows. If you can set up RO offline on Windows (https://gist.github.com/anacondaq/3eae8e4afb5d3c3880d08b95b2c54b78) the same, you can do on Linux. What do you need for running the emulator? operation system where everything will be set up (windows or Linux, even macOS) emulator files cloned by git from Github (git clone https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules.git) installed MySQL or MariaDB server on your operation system created databases inside MariaDB or MySQL for main and logs databases from emulator above (stored in /SQL/ folder) You need to create database users who will have access rights to manipulate data (select, insert, update, delete, drop, alter) inside databases. (easy to do with PHPMyAdmin) You need to import database files from the emulator folder (/sql/main.sql, logs.sql) into creating your new databases. Go to the login table and edit s1/q1, go to emulator folder /conf/, and find s1/q1 for login and pass and edit to the same value. find in conf folder MySQL connection configuration data and setup-up users/passwords that you made above for MySQL . You need to install required for complications and running tools for your operating system. (on windows VS Community 2019, on Linux different set of tools + GCC) compile and run, if no errors in running windows -> everything is done properly. More details you can find in @AnnieRuru guide above. How to achieve that? Just install any operating system by using guides on youtube, very, very simple. And then do what the guide said, do not afraid to do experiments, destroy everything if you broke something, and start again. P.S. if you do not know what operating system to pick. Short answer: there are yum and apt-based systems. They have different structures and experiences but doing the same. Fedora, OpenSUSE for one type. (yum) ubuntu, linuxmint for the second type. (apt) pick any.
  6.  My muse and eathena genius come back. I glad to see you again 😃

    How are you doing?

  7. open npc/custom/ folder, and try to use search over hercules community, you will find tons of examples (dozens) and ready to use scripts made by someone. also doc/script_commands.txt you can't. This is max what offer emulator. interesting. Try to open conf/import folder in the emulator, and replace to your local ip (cmd -> ipconfig). in System/ folder you can find korean language. Also, you can use korean on emulator side after recompiling emulator. I don't know. Open github of hercules (herculesws) and check issues. repair broken tables. Read reamde.txt Not enough info. Files what need to check: sclientinfo.xml (inside data/) folder. And char, map server configs in conf/import/ folder of the emulator. And numbers it's about it. Usually everything works out the box because bound to all interfaces in the system. You have running another game client which run gepard shield, and this game still open. The question not related to the pack. Please ask outside the thread and make separate topic (ideally at src side, or db side). Also, there are many delays, but the thing that i see on the screen not really looks good. Really too long delay. But I can't help with this, because busy with other things.
  8. Hey bro, why is it your account in the server is not working. It says it failed to connect to server. I don't know how to fix it.

    I typed admin then 123456 but still cannot connect. 

  9. Yes, you can, on windows vps. I do not know how to organize it to work with hamachi, because did not tried it before. Sorry, can't help. Oh, this is very sad, but some of the content missing. I personally can't work on this due to super busy time in my life. Try to ask some contributors or script writters about porting content to hercules.. Might be someone will help... You're welcome 😃 You're welcome 😃 No, you can't. Only clients that you can find on the board. Nothing really else. You can't to see iRO content too. The emulator very different in some things, but at the same time a lot of formulas are correct. The emulator stick to kRO instead of iRO.
  10. Note: i tried the compiler few weeks ago, and it does not work. I do not have a time for fixing problems, I think something changed on hercules side, and make does not work properly anymore like it was for a long time.
  11. No no no, this is just a "project", only for playing, not for real cases. cygwin has tons of cons, (much slower performance, and in latest hashes of hercules emulator can't compiled at all, many errors). Better if you will stick to VS Community 2019 Yes, VS Community 2019 and mark checkbox in installer on C++ It will install everything. When you will open SLN file, right click on solution -> retarget solution, and press OK. Build -> Clean Solution Build -> Compile.
  12. https://discord.gg/p2kvabm - channel for users of RO offline Packs pre-made by me. 

  13. without proper info before posting on the forum - it's impossible to fix. There are 3 different mirrors of the same files under youtube video (description). There are no issues so far with these download links. optionally you can use Air Explorer, or rclone to download whole files at once via 3rd party download manager mentioned above. No, it's does not work like that. The game client it's just a wrapper of logic what is calculated and stored on the server-side (emulator). In grf editor change encoding to korean one, your one is awful. Second -> follow any modern guides about adding customs to the server with ItemInfo.lua and lua files. http://letmegooglethat.com/?q=how+add+custom+items+iteminfo.lua&l=1 This is not hard to fix it for it's owner, but he for his private reasons will not do it. all of these features will not help. Read guides, need to work or optimize by reading and understanding structure of files what need to edit and do it by yourself. There are a lot of info, and this process pretty hard, and consume a lot of time. Google over athena boards for answers or ready solutions. Can you add more info? There are not aspd bugs as far as I know ??? who knows, can't reproduce, try to do the same thing on another character. The app write to you what is happening, and I already answered what to do (or close app what uses a port, or change 80 port to 81 or something like that) Everything looks like you have corrupted tables inside database. The solution for fixing all tables (repair all mysql tables) you can inside readme.md, read the guide please.
  14. you need zero exe + zero client, I have zero experience with this Not even tried before (because it's out of my interest). But maybe in very near future (maybe after a month) I will try to do that. If not forget. I think it wont be hard to do. Sorry, but I can't help you. readme.txt Inside emulator /doc/ folder read it. Wiki of hercules Ideally script_commands.txt (very long file, but please read it, it will explain everything) I don't know, It should. If not try /showname in game (in chat). I tried - and it worked. But even if it does not work. you can always download or open 05_folder from the RO Offline Pack, and open Nemo Patcher and patch again the exe with patches that you wish to see. Please try latest full kRO client by the link in the first post. What is data.grf? It's archive (like rar, or zip) of files inside /data/ folder. What is .lua or lub? Lua = uncompiled lub file. Lub it's compiled. Lua you can easy open with text editor and read what is written here, lub you can't open and you will see hex codes (byte code). BUT! There is a trick inside game client to load lub files always first over lua files. So if you can't find lua file, try to open lub file with GRF Editor, it has built-in lub to lua decompiler. Also about other files - i do not remember, sorry. Ideally if you will start to use SDE (server database editor) and inside GUI will add all what you want. If not - try to experiment and do not afraid to break files (always do backups first). And try to play with files, edit, copy-paste lines, and you will get what is related for what. Also you can ask community for help. As you see on your screenshot you have denied access to your user inside emulator with name herc_PRE_user which trying to connect to localhost (your PC database), but something wrong. What can be wrong? Maybe the SQL server offlien (try to restart) Maybe you have installed some mysql server (you should not do that, because inside Open Server already built-in mysql server). If nothing helps - you can always re-download pack by links in the first post where everything works out the box. check herc wiki, and try to use google with next query: google.com -> "site:herc.ws how to change drop rate". But I did answer for most common questions inside readme.md already. Try to open the file with any text editor. Alternatively you can install VSCode (editor by Microsoft) and open readme.md with markdown syntax high lite and you will see that everything structured and explained for newbies. I think you don't have installed Microsoft C++ Redistributables. Try to open 08_ folder inside the pack root folder, and install for your OS or x64.exe or x86.exe which contains all C++ Redistributables by Microsoft. Usually the OpenServer require these libs to be installed. Find and edit towninfo.lub or data\luafiles514\lua files\signboardlist.lub Please read readme.md and watch youtube video. Do not skip anything, because this is bare minimul to guarantee that everything will work fine out the box. Otherwise you will have problems like that. Always restart your PC before trying to launch the game server. On your screenshot looks like you have double servers running or port blocked (rarely happens, busy by some app). npc/custom/support_me.txt you can rename it, or delete You don't need to compile the emulator, it's already pre-compiled by me in debug mode. But even if you did it, the error on the screen not related to compilation. The error on the screen related to data.grf and your kRO client. Please download full kro client by links in the first post, and everything will works fine, also do not mix different clients, they are not compatible. For example I support the topic since 2016? Or like that, and there was dozens of different versions with different client versions and date releases also with different client files for full kRO client, but all that you need to know - they almos always not compatible. So, if you wish to run RO offline -> use all files provided in the one folder, do not mix them. (that means you need to download ~4gb) I think this is fixed in 20200419 Optionally you can fix it by importing upgrade files into your database. How to do it -> readme.md ?? Check the first topic links again. green flag -> terminal -> mysql -uroot -> use herc_prere_db; update `char` SET hair=0, hair_style=0, cloth_style=0 WHERE account_id > 1; read readme.md _M + edit login table in your database with phpmyadmin. ??? read readme.md. Wew, try to play with patches again. Also note: already applied patches you can find in the nemo folder in txt file (load profile (this txt file)) and you will see all applied patches to the exe inside the package. Also you can try to play with these patches. What about auras - I do not know, to be honest - do not remember. Usually you don't need to do this if you don't know what is it. Newbie pack - just entry point into the emulator software development, to make everything work, like a playground, and only after learning something new you will do some things. Upgrading emulator by yourself - means also you need after each file change inside /src/ folder to re-compile your emulator. Do you know how to do it? So, if you know how to compile -> you should to know how to use git. Solving merge conflicts - not an easy thing to do, and require some deep understanding what is going on here. Since 20200419 version of the RO offline, you can always do git reset --hard command, and it will destroy all changes that will block your upgarde process. But I do not recommend to do it, because you can potentially lost your some custom script (that you will made or edit by yourself). If you will find more places like that what possible to fix, i will happy to provide update with fixes in the next release. I just need maps where problems occurs. You can use weediffcache tool for working with mapcache. my profile used in nemo inside nemo folder (exe folder). Just try to open different folder, you will find the small file with all applied patches (it's just .txt file). the fix inside 20200419 (link in the top message). But optionally you can fix it by inserting requested sql files inside your game database with phpmyadmin for example. First of all -> not from me, i do not sell any vpses. Second -> it's just a guide where super simple toolkit for explaining how setup everything with images and with almost no efforts. Third -> about what patch are you talk about? Please explain. If you make changes on your server -> you need restart your server for apply these changes. Or alternatively you can use technical admin commands for restarting on the live server scripts, or battle conf files, or db files, or item database, or mob database. Please open script_commands.txt (search `@reload` command) (@reloaditemdb, @reloadscript @reloadmobdb, @reloadbattleconf) and so on. no, without re-compiling impossible to change the behavior of the skill. version of nemo - always latest, even now (v20200419 with latest hash available on gitlab). Patches applied inside nemo you can find inside NEMO folder (exe folder or like that) it's .txt file i forgot how it called. It will be stored near the patched Exe. Please try to use SourceTree app it's GUI for git. It will be much easier. This is question not for me. I saw several pull request with some not bad content, like lasagna, but progress still very slow. The very good pros of herc.ws is the emulator technically far far ahead of rathena in technical aspect, but some really required by some people content are absent, and implementation of the content (technical part) already here, only left script, mob, warp part... Try to use SourceTree app. Or GitKraken. Update v20200419 upgraded emulator to latest version and recompiled upgraded kRO client and re-uploaded (to latest version) upgraded different repos in misc tools fixed sql issues and warnings in emulator tl;dr all package upgraded, all files touched and re-uploaded. added discord channel for helping newbies there in real time (only for respectful and non toxic ones). added optional mirrors for RO offline pack misc fixes everywhere. TODO: Inside discord i suggest to write: 1. what is most missing content inside the package (maybe you looking for especially something, but you can't find it inside the package) 2. Where is your most common mistakes / problems that you face with the RO Offline Pack? 3. Bugreports / suggestions appreciated. Note: usually I do not answer on herc.ws board frequently, I visit the forum rare, and answer rare. Usually I do upgraes for the package once per few months. The package is stand-alone and you can upgrade it always by yourself.
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