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  1. Where do I fin this? conf/battle/drops.conf
  2. Hello. Sobrang new po ako dito. Pano po i increase ung exp rate. nakita ko po sa ibang thread ung config pero san ko po ba ittype un, sa mismong game or may hahanapin po ako sa folder? Thank you
  3. Solved XD Hello guys, where or how do I put the English translation? I have downloaded zackdreaver's file but I don't know what to do with it. When I run the game, it's in Korean and I cant get pass the login process. Please help Guys, when I try to log in, it says failed to connect to server. What do I do next?
  4. Hello I'm really new here, I got stuck at running the open server. Whenever I try to run it, a pop up window opens and say"This app cant run on your PC. To find a version on your PC check with the software publisher" Is there something else I need to install first? Thank you very much. Edit: Okay I got this out of the way haha
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