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  1. Gantz Services Premade Name/Model: GNTZFLUXPM004 Category: Flux Responsive Theme Released: Apr 23, 2023 Updated: Apr 23, 2023 Version: 1.0 Bootstrap: v5.x.x Features Theme Coded. Built with Bootstrap 5 100% responsive Font Awesome icons Animation on Scroll Modern JS plugins Animated Main background Carousel/Slider Banner News RSS supports Manual Guild vs Guild Champion, Guild Castle Owners PVP Ranking Monthly Reset for PvP Ranking WoE Schedules with multiple castle support Real-time Event schedules. Well-structured and SEO-friendly code Non-coder-friendly code. Free technical support I work closely with my customers to provide a high standard of support and quick bug fixes. Designs by: s1Lykos Designs Coded by: Gantz Services
  2. RayGantz


    Converting skill db to hercules. Any help or hints is a big help, Thank you!
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