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  1. IMPORTANT NOTICE ROMISC Gantz Services have been made aware of certain fraudulent schemes that have been conducted by individuals or organizations claiming to represent Gantz Services. The aim of the fraud is to trick you into believing you are communicating with the designer and developer of the theme you are purchasing. Gantz Services designs are used without permission to try to convey authenticity and to gain profit. Purchasing from these fraud may lead you being scammed, receiving incomplete files, web ripped files, and no technical support regarding the product. Themes posted in our portfolio for RO servers are exclusive and cannot be sell or purchase again except on premade themes. To acquire your own legitimate theme for your server you may only contact us from these channels Gantz Services https://gantzromisc.ml/ https://www.facebook.com/romiscmobile Discord: RaYShiN#3646
  2. Recent works... Coding Works for s1 Lykos Designs Website: www.s1lykosdesigns.com FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/s1LykosDesigns Discord: https://discord.gg/4wGfrg7Q8d
  3. Really great job! Would love to have this drop effect. In Zero and kRO, equipment with options will produce a pillar of light when dropped on the ground. The colour of the light changes depending on how many options are on the equipment.
  4. If you are a totally newbie and plan to open a server with that population, please reconsider. Your players will get disappointed with your knowledge. As a starter you may practice on your own offline server , when you are confident enough on your knowledge, publish a server for your friends and it will help you to gain experience. Later you can publish a small server to gain management experience. Eventually you may try to open a server for big population which requires enormous money, knowledge, experience, passion and dedication.
  5. This is good idea. Would be great to have it on hercules.
  6. if (countitem(apple) > 0 || countitem(meat) > 0 || countitem(orange) > 0){ // } else { // }
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