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  1. okay, i'll try using NP++ i've using sublime before
  2. checked but nothing changed... it still look like before
  3. i've done it... i read everything on my job base hpsp and job db.conf.... but, nothing change
  4. tell me what must i check to get rid that warning, please.... thank you
  5. okay... i'll read the NPC script once again, thanks for you all
  6. oh, i get it... okay, back to topic... that's hercules emulator, but i change the server name to make my private server... btw, about the stat point, it have been fixed, what about the NPC?
  7. i think they are share the same mechanism... that's why i talked to hercules forum... i try hercules a while ago, that's almost the same....
  8. hi, i am new here.... i hope someone doesn't mind to help me fix this error.... first, i set my server to level 300, but when i start the server, this error occured statspoint.yml is ready, idk what's the problem... if you think that's all my problem, you are wrong 😀 this is happening the server is ok, i can still logged in and make character, but everything is normal... hope someone give me a hand to fix this, thank you
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